Resources for Reading and Study Skills

Discover additional resources to help you succeed academically.

Note: Some links are external links leading to other websites outside of UNC.

Study Skills Topic Pages

Information on preparing to study, listening better, improving reading skills, taking notes in class, and more.


Learning Center of Glendale Community College

Information and links on reading improvement and study skills.


Note Taking

Provides techniques on how to take effective notes before, during, and after class.


Organizing Textbook Reading

Tips for what to do before, during, and after reading.


American Language Reading

Information on using a dictionary, finding the main idea, identifying supporting details, understanding figurative language, and more.


Study Strategies Homepage

University of Minnesota's site, with lots of information, including a study skills survey and tips on time management and management.


Wide variety of study guides and strategies - some interactive demos

Study Guides and Strategies website devoted to a wide variety of topics and languages.


Effective Textbook Reading

Provides techniques on how to read your textbook effectively.


Learning Styles

Find out what kind of learner you are: visual, auditory, or physical/kinesthetic.

Provides study strategies based on learning style.


Test Anxiety

Understand your test anxiety.

Provides strategies on how to effectively deal with test anxiety.

Test-Taking Tips

Provides tips on test preparation as well as test-taking tips.