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Student Permit FAQ

Q: Where can I purchase my permit?

A: Log in to URSA, then go to the financial tab. Under Billing, click on Purchase Parking Permits or Pay Tickets Online. The price of your permit will automatically be applied to your student bill. 

Q: Can I pay for my permit with cash, check, credit or debit?

A: Students do not have the option to pay for their permit with cash, check, credit or debit. All student permit fees must be applied to your student bill. 

Q: What type of permit should I get?

A: There are three types of permits you can get as a student:

  1. If you need access to regular student lots, please purchase the Annual Student Permit for $285.
  2. If you are a business or music major needing to park in Kepner East, you can purchase the SK Permit for $305.
  3. If you are on West Campus and are willing to park only in Y lot, you can purchase the Commuter Permit for $170.

Q: Should I purchase the SK permit?

 A: We recommend that only upper class business and music students purchase the SK permit for easier access to Kepner Hall. This permit allows access to the Kepner East parking lot in addition to all regular student lots on campus. SK permits are extremely limited and are sold on a first come/first serve basis. If you need access to this lot, be sure to purchase the SK permit on August 1st.

Q: There is an error message when I try to buy my permit. What do I do?

 A: First, check to make sure you are using Internet Explorer, as Firefox and Chrome do not work with our system. If problems still persist, please email us at parkingservices@unco.edu with a description of your issue and an image capture of the screen containing the issue.

Q: I have out of state plates and/or temporary plates. Can I still register my car?

A: Yes! Please input the information for the current plates you have.  If you get new plates, you can email us at parkingservices@unco.edu with the new information and we can update your plates in the system.