Bicycles on Campus

Before you ride on campus remember to:

  • Buy a helmet and wear it correctly.
  • Register your bike and get a U-lock
  • Install a light so you can safely and legally ride after dark.
  • Use a U-lock to help deter theft: Flyer | Video
  • Be aware and respectful of pedestrians, skateboarders, and other cyclists.
  • Only lock your bike to a bike rack, and don't lock your bike to anything else. Bicycles locked to trees, hand railings, garbage cans, etc. are subject to fines/impoundment.
  • Check out Colorado bicycling laws.

Bicycle Registration

Click here for the current bike registration form. Complete the form online (handwritten forms will not be accepted) and bring it into our office.

UNC has a bicycle registration program for anyone wishing to park or ride their bicycle on campus. When you register your bike you will receive a U-lock at no charge.  Bicycles with any current city registration or license may re-register with Parking Services at a reduced rate of $15.  Proof of prior registration must be provided to receive the reduced rate.

  • Bike registration is $20 and includes a U-lock.
  • Many homeowners and renters insurance policies will cover your bike if it’s stolen and has been registered.
  • Call 970-351-1971 for registration information.

If Your Bike is Missing

  • If you believe your bicycle was stolen, call the campus police at 970-351-2245.
  • The easiest way to claim a lost, stolen or impounded bike is through registration records.
  • The UNC Police impound all abandoned bicycles on the Monday after Spring Finals Week.  You will need contact the UNC police at 970-351-2245, show a photo ID, and identify your bicycle. You have up to one year to claim your bicycle.

Theft Prevention

University campuses can be a target for thieves. Following a few common sense guidelines can help keep your bike safe.

  • Register your bike; it's a theft deterrent and the only way to get a stolen bike back to you.  You will be given a U-lock
  • Protect your investment with a quality U-lock: Flyer | Video
  • Replace any quick release levers with Allen bolts or 15 millimeter nuts.
  • Always lock your bike, even if you’re only gone for a minute.
  • Using two locks is even better than using one!
  • Make your bike look used by covering brand names with stickers or duct tape. Ugly bikes are less attractive to thieves.
  • Consider getting a “beater” bike for campus use. A good thief can break through any lock given enough time. Having a bike just for commuting can save you the heartbreak and headache of losing a good bike.
  • Keep a copy of your bikes serial number in your wallet.
  • Hide a business card or index card with your name and phone number inside the bike frame.

Blue Crusier Bikes

Campus Recreation is excited to provide a free campus bike program, in order to offer an affordable and environmentally sustainable form of transportation to students. This program strives to provide an alternative to driving and promote bear pride on campus. Campus Recreation has a fleet of 100 cruiser bicycles and 20 Mountain Bikes, designed unique to UNC. All bikes come with a helmet and lock, as well as the option to use a front-mounted basket.

Bike Auction

The Bike Auction is held annually in conjunction with the Health and Safety Festival in September.  Check the UNC Calendar for the date.

More Bicycle Information

  • ursa

Any Questions

  • Call the Parking Services office at (970) 351-1971 or send us an email