Bicycles on Campus

UNC has a bicycle registration program for anyone wishing to ride their bicycles on campus and record identifying information for the bicycles that they use on campus. Here is a Map for the bike path that is currently on campus. Bicycles may be registered with Parking Services; the current fee is listed with the current permit prices. We do not archive bicycle registration records, so the information remains readily accessible in our office.

Click here for the current bike registration form. After the form is completed, please bring it into our office.

Parking Services will honor any currently valid city registrations or licenses, provided the owner re-registers the bicycle (free of charge) with the UNC Bicycle Program.

Click here for a printable version of the Bicycle rules and regulations.

This program has been implemented to help deter thefts and to aid in the location of missing or stolen bicycles.

Any Questions

  • Call the Parking Services office at (970) 351-1971 or send us an email