Ruwang Sung
Ross 0239 -- (970) 351 1183


Ruwang Sung, Professor

B.A. in Physics, Wuhan University, China
M.A. in Physics, New York University
Ph.D. in Physics, New York University (1988)

Research interests include: non-linear dynamics; laser spectroscopy; the development of computer multimedia software for physics education; online teaching; science-art connection.

Also, investigating defects in a solution-based colloidal quantum dot solar cell device through photoluminescence emission analysis and efficiency measurement, and optimizing device performance by applying chemical treatments. This research is in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. Investigated optical properties between exciton and plasmon coupling through DNA conjugated gold nano particles and quantum dots by using DNA origami template at DUKE University.

Experience includes twenty years of college teaching (Beloit College, UNC).