The Department of Physics and Astronomy

We provide students a complete and rigorous undergraduate education in physics culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree. Our curriculum provides the ideal preparation for physics or engineering graduate school, careers in scientific research, or professions as educators. We are a dedicated faculty that is passionate about teaching and we are committed to the meaningful involvement of undergraduates in research. With small class sizes and varied research opportunities, we offer a unique learning opportunity for students interested in the natural sciences.  


UNC Physics teamed up with CU-Boulder, publishing their recent work on "Observation of Ionization Enhancement in Two-Color Circularly Polarized Laser Fields" in Physical Review A.

counter rotating fields trajectories

Congratulations to the Physics & Astronomy Academic Scholar Award winners, seen here with Professor Matt Semak at the NHS College event. (top, L-R): Semak, William Mendoza, Ryan Fabian, Arick Sweitzer, (bottom, L-R): Alexandra Briggs, Kourteney Zadina, and Zachary Rossiter.

UNC Physics Academic Scholars 2017

UNC Physics presented their work on "Postural Control: A Study of One-Legged Stance" at the Dynamics Days 2017 conference held in Silver Spring, MD.

UNC Dynamics Days

UNC Physics presented work on "Ionization dynamics in intense two-color circularly polarized laser fields" and "Surface profilometry using vortex beams" at the OSA Frontiers in Optics conference in Rochester, NY.

UNC Physics FiO 2016

UNC Physics teamed up with CU-Boulder, publishing their recent work on "Controlling Nonsequential Double Ionization in Two-Color Circularly Polarized Femtosecond Laser Fields" in Physical Review Letters.

UNC Physics PRL Fig1

UNC Physics presented their work on "Can a Nonverbal Intelligence Test Predict FCI Performance" at the AAPT Summer Meeting in Sacramento, CA.

UNC Physics AAPT 2016

UNC Physics presented their work on "RR Lyrae Stars in M4" at the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium Conference held in the Azores.

UNC Physics Kepler Poster


"Quantum" Drops

UNC Physics Movie Trailer


Grub Bot at the Sand Dunes


Physics Alumn on BattleBots