Introductory Physics Labs

CO/WY AAPT presentation

Air Force Academy presentation

Below are both pdf and word versions of my labs.  I’ve only posted the labs that I’m satisfied with and then I put a * next to the labs that were very successful and a ** by labs that “made it home to the dinner table” or rather shown to their friends outside of class.

Each lab is 60 – 90 minutes in length

Measuring Motion                                          pdf       doc

*Free Fall                                                        pdf       doc

**Projectile Motion                                        pdf       docx

**Force Vectors                                              pdf       docx

*Inertia                                                           pdf       docx

Friction – “Fast Lane” Subway slide               pdf       docx

*Friction with Connected Objects                  pdf       docx

**Bucket Swing                                               pdf       docx

*Center of Gravity                                          pdf       docx

**Elasticity of Plastic Spoons                          pdf       docx

**Fun w/ momentum!                                    pdf       docx

**Solar Ovens                                                 pdf       docx

*How Powerful are you?                                pdf       docx

*Chemical to Thermal Energy                        pdf       doc

*Density and Buoyancy                                   pdf       doc

**How Music is Made                                    pdf       doc

*Simple Harmonic Motion                             pdf       docx

**Standing Waves                                          pdf       docx

*Thickness of a human hair                            pdf       docx

*Reflection and Plane Mirrors                       pdf       docx

*Spherical “thin” Lenses                                 pdf       docx

*Spherical Mirrors                                          pdf       docx

**Fun with Tape! (120 minutes)                     pdf       docx

Electric Field Hockey                                      pdf       docx

**Measuring Potentials of the Heart             pdf       docx

DC Circuits                                                      pdf       docx

**Magnets, motors and radiation                  pdf       docx