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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers two ACS approved programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Department also offers B.S. - Chemistry degrees with emphasis in HS Teaching, Forensic Science, Pre-Health, and Industrial Chemistry. Links to the Current Catalog entry and a 4-year plan of study are listed:

B.S. in Chemistry - Emphasis: Biochemistry (ACS Approved)
B.S. in Chemistry - Emphasis: Chemistry (ACS Approved)
B.S. in Chemistry - Emphasis: Forensic Science
B.S. in Chemistry - Emphasis: Industrial Chemistry
B.S. in Chemistry - Emphasis: Pre-Health (pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-dental, etc)
B.S. in Chemistry - Emphasis: Secondary Teaching

Two Minors in Chemistry are available for interested students. More information on these can be found at the links shown.

Chemistry: Liberal Arts Minor
Chemistry: Teaching Minor

The Department also administers the Brewing Laboratory Science Program. This program currently involves an undergraduate-level certificate. Coming soon is a minor and a graduate-level certificate program.

Brewing Laboratory Science Program

Lab work in chemistry