UNC Graduate School Announces Student Awards

The University of Northern Colorado's Graduate School this week announced recipients of awards recognizing superior academic achievement and outstanding research in graduate studies. The winners, who will be honored at the May 9 Graduate School commencement ceremony, are:

Citation for Excellence

  • Kristine Bibbey - Master of Arts, Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree Program
  • Christine DeSimone -Doctor of Education, Educational Studies
  • Kimberly Kaufeld - Doctor of Philosophy, Applied Statistics & Research Methods
  • Adam LeWinter - Master of Arts, Earth Sciences
  • Donna MacLauchlan - Doctor of Education, Special Education
  • Michael Mahoney - Doctor of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology
  • Nathanial Warning - Master of Science, Biological Sciences
  • Brian Zielenski - Master of Arts, History Practice, Nursing

Citation for Outstanding Dissertation

  • Christine DeSimone - Doctor of Education, Educational Studies, for "Students as Designers: Implementing a Pedagogy of Multiliteracies In a Third Grade Design Workshop"
  • Michael Mahoney - Doctor of Psychology, Counseling Psychology, for "Homecoming Experiences of Student Military Veterans: Implications for Counseling Psychologists"

Citation for Outstanding Capstone

Nancy McGee - Doctor of Nursing Practice Nursing, for "Evaluation of Suicide Risk Training for Primary Care Providers in a College Health Center"

Citation for Outstanding Thesis

  • Adam LeWinter - Master of Arts, Earth Sciences, for "Characterization of the Overlook Crater and Lava Lake of Kilauea Volcano Through Terrestrial Laser Scanning"
  • Nathanial Warning - Master of Science, Biological Sciences, for "Canyon Wren and Rock Wren Coexistence in the Northern Colorado Foothills"
  • Brian Zielenski - Master of Arts, History, for "Altered Remembrance: Historical Memory of the Yellow Turban Rebellion 184 CE, From the Late Han to the Ming Dynasty"