Provost Fund for Scholarship and Professional Development 2010-11 Awards

Faculty and their projects earning awards:

- Sarah Allen, English, "A Rhetorical Study of Stonehenge"

- Graham Baird, Earth Sciences, "Dating the Kebne Dyke Complex and the Opening of the Iapetus Ocean"

- Lauryn Benedict, Biological Sciences, "The behavioral and ecological context of Canyon Wren (Catherpes mexicanus) song"

- Elysia Clemens, Counselor Education and Supervision, "An exploration of school-base social networks and suicide risk/protective factors"

- Andrew Dahlke, Music, "The Transcription and Recording of J.S. Bach’s Cello Suites for Saxophone"

- Joe Elkins, Earth Sciences, "Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician Training"

- Lahcen Elyazghi Ezzaher, English, "Three Arab Treatises in Rhetoric: The Commentaries of Alfarabi, Avicenna and Averroes"

- Gal Faganel, Music, "Slovenian Music for Violncello No. 4"

- Scott Franklin, Biological Sciences, "Temporal Changes in Front Range Forests"

- Gary Heise, Sport and Exercise Science, "The Location of the Angle Joint in a Prosthetic Leg and its Influence on Joint Dynamics"

- Robbyn Hess, School Psychology, "Involving Latino Families in their Children’s Education: Evaluation of the Family Literacy Project"

- David Hydock, Sport and Exercise Science, "Effects of exercise on doxorubicin-induced skeletal muscle dysfunction

- Michael Kimball, Anthopology, "Developing an iOS app for place-building and student civic development research"

- Michelle Low, Modern Languages, "Developing Asian Studies According to National Standards: ACTFL OPI Assessment Workshop"

- Sally McBeth, Anthropology, "Pilgrimage and Sacred Sites in the American Northern Plains: Personal Narratives of Pilgrims"

- Teresa McDevitt, Psychological Sciences, "Two Investigations into Contexts of Child Development"

- April Miller, English, "Gendering Intelligence: Framing Espionage in American and French Interwar Cienema"

- Jennifer Murdock, Counselor Education and Supervision, "Understanding the Transformative Process of the Doctoral Student"

- Corey Pierce, Special Education, "Partnership in Assessment to Enhance Special Education Teacher Candidate Field Experiences"

- Kevin Pugh, Psychological Sciences, "Professional Development in Transformative Learning"

- Deborah Romero, Hispanic Studies, "Telling tales: Immigrants’ and Refugees’ Multilingual Stories of Transition, Resilience and Hope"

- Tony Schountz, Biological Sciences, hantavirus research

- Ann Sebald, Special Education, "Comparison Study: A tale of two programs"

- Jeremy Smith, Sport and Exercise Science, "Functional Outcomes of Ertl Amputation in Unilateral, Transtibial Amputees"

- Hortensia Soto-Johnson, Mathematics, "Experts’ Geometric Interpretation of Complex Numbers and Complex Valued Functions"

- Megan Babkes Stellino, Sport and Exercise Science, "Social Predictors of Children’s Recess Physical Activity"

- Isaac Wanasika, Management/Marketing, "A multi-county study of CEOs economizing and strategizing actions and implications on performance"

- Joyce Weil, Human Sciences, "Studies in Aging in Place and Resilience among Italian Elders"

- Ken Womble, Theatre Arts/Dance, "Acting Business Book"

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