New Control Console for Emergency Poles to Be Tested Aug. 15

As part of UNC's layered emergency communication system, a new control console being installed for the 24 emergency poles on campus will be tested at approximately noon on Thursday, Aug. 15. During the test, a prerecorded message will be broadcast from the speakers.

The new console is part of an upgrade to the emergency pole system, which includes speakers that produce audio levels similar to what's experienced at an outdoor stadium. The speakers can be used to communicate an emergency alert to campus visitors who won't receive the alert via email, voice or text message, and to anyone in transit on campus.

New phones and LED bulbs were installed on the poles and tested in June. The phones are linked to the UNC Police dispatch center in the event of an emergency.

For a map to locate emergency phones, consult the UNC map and select "Emergency Phones" from the list. To learn how to sign up for emergency alerts, visit the UNC Emergency Alert website.


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