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Sport & Exercise Science: Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, MS

The focus of this emphasis area is upon social psychological concepts as they relate to sport, exercise and physical activity behavior including motivation, self-perceptions, emotion, group processes and socialization. A lifespan developmental perspective is also taken to address these social psychological forms of influence in sport, exercise and physical activity contexts. Involvement in ongoing faculty research opportunities is encouraged. Research in social psychology of sport and physical activity is primarily conducted with individuals in natural or “field” settings. Students in this Master’s program choose between a Thesis Option or Non-Thesis Option.

There are three areas of emphases in the Sport and Exercise Science program at UNC:

  1. Biomechanics
  2. Exercise Physiology
  3. Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

The Sport and Exercise Science program is not designed to have students major in two areas of emphasis within the program. Instead, each emphasis has elective credits that can be used to gain knowledge of other areas that are not part of your declared emphasis. For example, it is common for graduate students in the Biomechanics emphasis to use elective credits to learn more about Exercise Physiology.

Therefore, rather than completing two master's degrees within Exercise Science, it is recommend that you pursue one master's degree and then, if you are interested in furthering your education, pursue a Ph.D.

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  • UNC Main Campus

Tuition & Fees

Total Degree Requirements

30 Credit Hours