Scheduling Requirements

Menu Selection

The Scheduling and Event Planning Office is available to help you decide on an appropriate menu that fits your event and your budget. The menu suggestions presented are the most popular selections offered. We do offer several signature items which can enhance your menu, and if there are any special dietary restrictions, we are happy to accommodate with ample notice.

The approximate number of guests and the final menu selection should be made at least three weeks prior to your event date.

All events for 100 people or less held at our University Center or Centennial Hall will include our china, silverware, and goblets. Plastic ware will be provided for all other areas. China can be rented for an additional charge. Please consult your event planner.

All events with 50 or more guests will require wait staff to attend the event. The rate for wait staff is $15 per hour, including one hour before and one hour after the event for set-up and tear down.

The University Center maintains a closed venue policy. All food must be ordered from UNC Catering, Subway®, Einstein Bros® Bagels, Bears Mo'Jo Coffee Co, Munchy Mart, or Sushi With Gusto®. No outside caterers or restaurants are allowed.


The following services are provided:

Appetizers, Baked Goods, and Snacks
  • Served with china, napkins and silverware (if needed).
Served Lunches & Dinners
  • University Center / Centennial Hall Events:
    • Include china, silverware, table linens, cloth napkins, coffee, iced tea and water through service.
  • Non-University Center / Non-Centennial Hall Events:
    • Served meals are available outside the University Center and Centennial Hall for an additional fee of $4 per person.
    • UNC Catering cannot provide china, glassware or flatware for events outside the University Center and Centennial Hall.
    • China can be rented through other vendors, or you can provide your own.
  • University Center / Centennial Hall Events:
    • Include china, silverware, table linens, napkins (cloth napkins upon request), coffee, iced tea and water through service.
  • Non-University Center / Non-Centennial Hall Events:
    • Includes plastic plates, plastic cutlery, paper napkins, plastic cups, linens for buffet tables (table linens upon request), coffee, iced tea and water.
  • Additions to a buffet:
    • Bread Baskets on each guest table - $1.00 each
    • Water Pitcher and/or Iced Tea Pitcher on each guest table - $5.00 each

Time of Function

The contract agreement specifies the agreed time that has been set for your function. Information needed includes, but is not limited to:

  • Time Guests Arrive
  • Time Bar or Specialty Station Opens (if applicable)
  • Time Food is Served or Set Out for a Buffet
  • Time Bar or Specialty Station Closes (if applicable)
  • Time Buffet Closes
  • Times for Speaker, Silent Auction, Cake Service, Champagne Toast Begins and Ends, etc.
  • Time the Entire Event Concludes

UNC Catering will set-up one to two hours prior to when your guests arrive depending on the type of service. Any event required to be set-up more than two hours prior to food or beverage service will be charged $100 per hour or $20 per labor hour, whichever is greater. Clients will be charged if UNC Catering is required to have staff available more than one hour after the event end time.

Guaranteed Counts

The attendance guarantee is required seven (7) business days prior to your event. Charges will be based on the guaranteed number or actual number of persons served, whichever is higher.

Catering orders must exceed a guest count of 25 or more for any served meal or buffet. Served meals that contain more than one (1) entrée must meet a minimum order of 25 for each entrée ordered.

Changes to the guest count between one (1) and six (6) business days prior to the event date will be charged 1.5 times the menu price and will be based on product availability.

Changes made the day of the event will be charged 2 times the menu price and will be based on product availability.

Special Diet Requests

Special dietary requests, such as the need for gluten free, vegan, or lactose free meals for individual guests, should be made at the time of booking.

Most special dietary requests can be accommodated by ordering directly from the menu options.

Most buffets have a variety of foods offered that will accommodate individuals with special dietary needs. If there are specific concerns with ingredients of foods or you need help choosing options that will fit the needs of your group, we are happy to help you choose the correct buffet options.

The university has a Registered Dietitian and an Executive Chef available to help create a special menu, if needed, for groups with larger amounts of special dietary requirements. Notice of this need should be given six (6) weeks prior to the event taking place.

Specific diet requests made between one (1) and six (6) business days prior to the event date will be charged 1.5 times the menu price and will be based on product availability. Specific diet requests that are made the day of the event will be charged 2 times the menu price and will be based on product availability.

Outside Food and Beverage

Food and beverage (exception: decorated sheet cakes, wedding cakes, and mints/wrapped candies) served in meetings rooms and public areas in the University Center and Centennial Hall must be provided by UNC Catering in accordance with the Weld County Health Department & State of Colorado-Liquor Enforcement Division rules and regulations.

Plastic ware for cake receptions can be provided by the client, or can be purchased from UNC Catering. UNC Catering does not cut or handle any cakes for any event. A cake cutting set can be provided for an additional fee.

Due to health and safety reasons, no uneaten food can be removed. Cookies, brownies, pastries may be an exception.

UNC Catering provides quality non-alcoholic & cocktail services, which can be served by the gallon or a la carte. We also serve specialty bars that can be non-alcoholic.


As a licensed caterer, we must provide all requested alcohol for your event. We serve cash & host bars, kegs, champagne, and wine by the bottle. We reserve the right to refuse service or limit alcohol service in compliance with Colorado State Regulations. No refunds will be given if such occurrence.

Host bars must not exceed 2 hours or be open past 11pm. Cash bars may be open for 5 hours.

All events on campus with liquor will require security. (UNC Police Department)

Identification will be checked at all events with alcohol.

Hosting options are as follows:

  • Tickets can be purchased for your guests, but must be distributed by the host.
  • Client may host for a two hour, consecutive time frame.

Donated Liquor: Campus requires special procedures for the utilization of donated alcohol. Please check with your event planner to ensure proper procedure is followed.

Labor & Delivery Fees

All catering delivered on campus (except the University Center & Centennial Hall) will automatically be charged a delivery fee. Alternatively, some catering items may be arranged for pick-up.

Delivery Fees

  • On Campus - $25 per delivery
  • Off Campus - $50 plus $5 per mile for more than a 10 mile radius

Labor Fees

  • For University Security, per 200 people (please ask your Event Planner for the current price, as it varies)
  • For additional staff - $20 per person, per hour
  • For additional bartender - $20 per person, per hour
  • For additional chef, on site - $25 per chef, per hour

Plating Fees

  • Off-Site Served Meal - $4 per person (based on client's count)

Set Up Fees

  • Early or extended / late set up fee - $100 per hour or $20 per staff member needed per hour, whichever is greater

Deposits / Taxes / Payment

A $500 deposit is required within 30 days of booking the event. The deposit is not refunded if the event is canceled within 6 months of the event. Otherwise, the deposit will be applied to the bill. Sales tax is added to all appropriate items.

Balance is required at the time the guaranteed count is given, which is seven business days in advance.


If your event is canceled for any reason other than an official university closure, charges will be incurred based on discretion of planners and catering managers.

University Center and Host Responsibilities

The University Center reserves the right to inspect and control all events. All displays and decorations must be approved by the Event Planning Office. The University shall not be held liable for any loss or damage of personal property brought by the customer.

The host responsible for the group will be held accountable for any damages or extraordinary cleaning costs caused by the group and will be billed at cost accordingly. By signing the University Center confirmation, the host acknowledges their responsibility & liability for damage as well as the consequences of alcohol service (if offered).

University Policy

The University Center reserved the right to cancel a reservation if it conflicts in any way with the policies of the University Center regarding events on campus. Event Planning reserved the right to change a reservation when a change is deemed necessary.

Price Changes

While we make every attempt not to increase our prices, economic conditions dictate that we have this flexibility. Therefore, all prices are subject to change during the year.

For more information about booking a catered event, please call the Scheduling and Events Office at 970-351-1315. Prices listed are good through June 30, 2018 and are subject to change without notice.