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Ellen and Richard Peyton‘We Were the First Couple to be Married’ at the UC

My name was Ellen Kay Loebl Harris, and I was a young widow with a 2-year-old girl when I started college at Colorado State College (now UNC). My second year, I took Humanities from Richard Peyton, who had just moved to Greeley from Los Angeles. We didn’t begin dating until two quarters after I finished his class.

We were the first couple to be married in the brand new student union ballroom (University Center) on Dec. 17, 1966.

We left in 1969 for Tallahassee so that my husband could obtain his Humanities Ph.D. from Florida State University, which he did, and we have lived here very happily ever since.

Our neighbors, the Nickersons (Bruce, BA-96, and Lisa), came here to Tallahassee in 2006 for jobs. We were very surprised to find out that they were from Greeley, too. Yes, it’s truly “a small world.”

— Ellen K. Peyton (BA-66)

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Congratulations to the winners of last issue’s trivia contest, whose names were randomly drawn from entries with the correct answer. Kirk Leichliter, Rob Edmisson and Ginny McCann were among the many who knew that the opening of the Michener library was delayed six months by a Jan. 6, 1970, fire that was started by a construction heater.


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