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If your life has been touched or impacted by any of these alumni, faculty and friends of UNC please consider making a tax-deductible memorial gift in his or her name to UNC Foundation, Campus Box 20, Greeley, CO 80639. Questions? Contact Margie Meyer at (970) 351-1886.


Velma K. Briggle (LC-33)


Helen (Havenga) McGlothlan (BA-40)
Kathryn “Kitty” Corkran (AB-42)
Arliss (Shaffer) Monk (BA-42)
Dorothy (Matheson) Bowles (LC-43, BA-46)
Violet Redabaugh (BA-43)
Vivian (Hertzke) Weishaupt (BA-43)
Esther (Addas) Brown (BA-44, MA-69)
R. Maxine Johnson (LCM-44)
Corinne M. Anderson (LC-45, BA-48)
Betty (Johnson) Levy (BA-46, MA-52)
Alfred F. Alberico (BA-47)
Barney C. Carroll (BA-47)
Carroll N. Sougstad (AB-47, MA-53)
Carl E. Bushard (MA-48)
Roland E. Hinrichs (MA-49)


Robert L. Daniels (BA-51, MA-55)
Leila (Wood) Steinfeldt (BA-53)
William A. Wood (MA-53)
Bonnie (Bowman) English (BA-54)
Lillian C. Brown (BA-55)
Willard F. Reese (MA-55, EdD-66)
Evelyn (Cockroft) Babcock (BA-56, MA-62, EdS-69)
George L. Byrnes (BA-56)
Kenneth C. Conroy (MA-56)
Forest A. Delinger (BA-56, MA-59)
Michael Dorame (BA-56)
Marvin J. Nuernberger (MA-56)
Gerald “Jerry” Mize (BA-57)
Dawna (Larson) O’Rourke (BA-57)
Kenneth C. Schuman (MA-57)
Sally (Cope) Jacobs (BA-58)
Leonard L. Pourchot (EdD-58)
Dorothy K. Vigil (BA-58)
Stanford Fellers (MA-59)


Donald L. Chandler (BA-60)
Phyllis A. Evans (BA-60)
Janet (Linn) Forsgren (BA-60)
Vernon A. Anderson (MA-61)
John A. Brandenburg (MA-61)
Richard C. Brown (BA-61, MA-68)
Lowell D. Piper (BA-61, MA-62)
Kayette (Cotton) Scripter (BA-61)
Sharon (VanGundy) Armstrong (BA-62)
Dennis S. Comerford (BA-62)
Robert H. Dirksen (MA-62)
J. David Hathaway (BA-62, MA-65, EdD-72)
James D. Burger (BA-63)
Dale L. Fogleman (BA-63)
Edward M. Gray (BA-63)
Edwin C. Hinckley (EdD-63)
Glenn (Mac) McBurney (MA-63)
Delores Carroll (MA-64)
Wayne E. Easley (BA-65)
Karen (King) Klein (BA-65)
Karen (Nygren) Thomas (BA-65)
James A. Turman (EdD-65)
S. Viola Smith (BA-67)
Irene Van Gundy (BA-67, MA-71)
John L. Kreutzer (BA-68, MA-90)
Kathryn M. Griffin (MA-69)


Donald M. Hinchey (BA-71)
Patsy A. Richey (BA-71)
Russel D. Shaffer (BA-71)
Elizabeth S. Holmberg (MA-72)
Wesley G. Moorhead (MA-73)
Nancy (Mahler) Eckart (BA-74)
Edward G. Hoppe (BS-74)
Whittley A. Morrison (BS-74, MA-75)
Dennis W. Stevens (BS-74)
Joyce B. Washington (EdD-74)
Margie (Dulmage) Ehle (MA-75)
Gerald Grill (MA-75)
Shirley (Vogel) Lovelidge (BA-75)
Orval Severson (BA-75)
James E. Collings (MA-76)
Michael E. Harper (BS-76)
Mary E. Thomas (MA-76)
Elsie Barker (BA-77)
Carol S. Gattis (MA-77)
Carol (Stroh) Heinze (BS-77)
Ralph C. Helms (MA-77)
Richard D. Bledsoe (BS-78)
R. Todd Fine (BS-78)
Amy (Wheatley) Weisbart (MA-78, MA-84)
Carol A. Brasaemle (MA-79)
Oscar E. Goeben (MS-79)


Mildred (Darland) Swartz (EdD-80)
Leonard “Tony” Vigil (BA-80)
Maria Goodloe-Johnson (MA-81)
Frederick J. Lamoureux (MA-81)
Larry L. Beauvais (BA-82)
Lynn P. Briley (BA-82)
Paul W. Reichert (MS-82)
Rodney L. Miller (BS-83)
Kelly D. O’Neal (MS-83)
James D. Robertson (DA-83)
Mark A. Stewart (BS-84)
Joseph T. Kikel (BA-85)
Cherril (Sherwood) Stevenson (MA-87)
Carolyn (Heck) Angle (MA-88)
Mary Ann (Martinez) Roybal (BS-88)
Barton C. Thompson (BA-88)


Ralph I. Stearns (MA-90)
Larry R. DeVore (BAE-91)
Dennis J. Lairamore (BS-91)
Christopher J. Scheid (BS-91)
Nancy (Stoffregen) Leonard (MA-92)
Robert E. Ryan (MA-92)
Judi Gates-Foster (BS-93)
Joan M. Enger (MA-94)
Shasta (Priddy) Schroetlin (BS-95)
Robert S. Frost (DME-97)


Carol E. Carson (MA-00)
Angela Johnson (BA-00)
Jason M. Lynch (BA-05)
Jeff L. Tyer (BS-06)


Richard F. Ball (MA-47), former UNC professor, passed away in November. Richard received a bachelor’s degree from State Teachers College in Kutztown, Pa., and served in the U.S. Air Force during World War II before earning his master’s degree at UNC. He served as professor of visual arts for 30 years until retiring as professor emeritus in 1977.

Carl Gerbrandt, former director of Opera Theatre, Voice Professor and graduate student advisor at UNC, passed away in January. Carl earned a bachelor’s degree at Tabor College in Kansas, a master’s degree at Wichita State University and doctorate at Johns Hopkins University. Carl served as director and conductor of the Greeley Chorale for 20 years, initiated the Chorale’s English Madrigal Feaste and founded the Greeley Children’s Chorale. He retired from UNC as professor emeritus in 2004.

Former math professor Charles R. McNerney (BA-61, MA-62) passed away in January. Chuck began his long teaching career at UNC in 1969 after receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics education from Ohio State. During this time, he wrote and co-authored more than 18 elementary mathematics textbooks, and co-authored a pre-algebra math book and a math textbook for prospective elementary/middle school teachers. Chuck retired as professor emeritus in 1998 and received the Outstanding Educator Award from the UNC Alumni Association in 2001.

Dan Seager, former Director of the Libraries at UNC, and longtime UNC employee, passed away in March. Dan held faculty positions at Southwest Baptist University and Ouachita Baptist University before coming to UNC in 1956. During his 28-year career at UNC, he supported the library resource needs of the expanding special education and nursing programs, the Pakistan project, the laboratory school and music libraries and conducted research and planning for Michener Library. Dan retired in 1984 as emeritus faculty.

Susan E. Spooner, former professor of College Student Personnel Administration at UNC, died in October as the result of an automobile accident. Susan’s teaching career began at Colorado College, Purdue and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and she came to UNC in 1983, where she served as associate and full professor until retiring as professor emerita in 2000.

As Northern Vision was going to press, we learned of the passing of three former faculty members — Walter “Wally” Smith (BA-58, MA-60), José Cordóva and Frank Lakin (BA- 55, MA-57).


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