Ah, Well I Remember...

Ah, Well I Remember...

Bru-Inn Memories

It was just a small building, attached to a larger building, where you could meet for a cup of sludge coffee or a Coke or even a meal, if you had enough money to pay for a burger or hot dog. From 1916 to 1972 it was the social center of campus. “Meet you at The Bru” were the code words of the day. We’d meet there after class, or usually in the evenings to, in those days, play cards. It’s where I learned to play “Hearts.” Sometimes, if we had a major inconvenience, like a class, we would leave, then return later and pick up our place in the game like we’d never left. It seemed to continue ? that one game of Hearts ? through my years at CSC.
—Mike Peters (BA-68)

There would be a special crowd in the morning to coordinate with your morning classes. There would be another crowd at lunch and afternoon.?? You tried to circulate around the Inn and say “Hi” to everyone.? It was the place to meet friends, make new friends, and get in on the latest gossip and buzz going on on Campus.
—Carolyn White Wallisch, (BA-61, MA-65)

Bru-Inn: Just recalling the name evokes so many memories.? “I’ll meet you at Bru before the test and we can cram for an hour. Or, after the test and we can cry together and compare answers.”? Best of all was the information that was passed along: “so-and-so” usually comes to Bru after fourth periods on Monday and Wednesday.? What a? “surprise” it was to run into him!
—Patty Ahern Beaver, (BA-64)

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