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In Memory

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Ruth (Gunderson) Latham (LC-35, BA-36)
Dorothy M. Johnson (LC-37, BA-40)


Albert H. Harbaugh (BA-40)
Kenneth S. Rice (AB-42)
Marjorie L. Christiansen (BA-43)
Charlotte (Akey) Whittenburg (BA-44)
Helen (Kirk) Hopper (BA-45)
Joseph R. Klune (BA-47, MA-55)
Claude J. Laughlin (AB-48, MA-48)
Richard G. Longenecker (MA-49)
James P. Miller (BA-49, MA-54)
Margarete Schuette (MA-49)


Charles W. Holmes (BA-50, MA-64)
Joy E. Kinney (BA-50)
Arnold V. Kinsey (BA-50)
Eula M. Stovall (BA-50)
Donald Carlisle (BA-51)
Eugene A. Diggs (BA-51, EdD-63)
Richard B. Kenagy (BA-51, MA-57)
Dorothy A. Miller (BS-51)
Betty J. Wilkinson (BA-51, MA-68)
Mary E. Breidenbach (BA-52)
Betty (Riley) Kugler (MA-52)
D. Rea Scudder (AB-52, MA-62, EdS-66)
Kenneth R. Muske (MA-53)
William D. Umstattd (MA-55)
Alton B. Barbour (BA-56)
Mary (Benke) Chrisman (BA-56)
Shirley (Smith) Bowser (BA-57)
Robert E. Estu (BA-56, MA-57)
Reuben “Art” Giesick (BA-56)
Charles L. Greenly (BA-56, MA-57)
Ruth (Nelson) Ledall (BA-56)
Rodney M. Borstad (BA-58, EdD-61)
Marilyn Goeldner (MA-58)
Philip M. Hibbard (MA-58)
Betty McWilliams (BA-58, BS-89)
Maile Sagen (BA-58)
Shirley (Christian) King (BA-59)
Joel D. Peck (BA-59)
Gordon B. Scheele (BA-59, MA-60)


Nellie M. Denning (BA-60, MA-67)
Barbara A. Hathaway (BA-60, MA-63)
John E. Hennessy Jr. (BA-60)
James W. Irons (MA-60)
David C. Rasmussen (MA-60)
Robert F. Wilkens (MA-60, EdD-68)
Elyse (Deffke) Bliss (MA-61
Jerry W. Dedon (BA-61, MA-65)
M. Orville Johnson (EdD-61)
Arthur G. Margheim (MA-61)
Guy L. Ready (BA-61)
Julianne Westfall (BA-61)
Joe C. Bullard (MA-63)
Lorna R. Kerschner (BA-63)
Georgeann Law (BA-63)
Ralph H. Mann (BA-63)
Ann Boyum (BA-64)
Ruth E. Grasmick (MA-64)
Sandra K. Pence (BA-64, MA-65)
Nancy (Parker) Abrahams (BA-65)
William “Dub” Findley (MA-65, EdD-67)
Barbara A. Kusulas (BA-65)
Louis E. Smith (EdD-65)
Andrew J. Whelchel (BA-65)
Warrack Willson (BA-65)
Julie (Pivonka) Chiniquy (BA-66)
Grace J. Cole (BA-66)
Bill D. Hircock (MA-66)
William F. O’Zee (EdD-66)
Ronald E. Prascher (MA-66, EdD-75)
Donna F. Saltzman (BA-67, MM-78)
Susan K. Tindall (BA-67)
Louis K. Bodecker (EdD-68)
Louis C. Eberhard (MS-68)
Nancy J. Mock (MA-68)
Melville W. Loewen (MA-69)


Charles A. Becker (MA-70)
Donna L. Chadd (BA-70)
Anthony J. DeNovellis (BA-70)
Gary D. Peterson (MA-70)
Jared L. Rosburg (BA-70, MA-71)
Martin L. Johnson (BS-71)
William H. Stempson (BS-71)
Judith B. Dean (MA-72)
John V. Dunado (BA-72, MA-73)
Mary T. Held (BA-72)
Janice (Bruntz) Christie (BA-73, MA-79)
Larry “Doug” Premer (BA-73, MA-77)
Vicki L. Heisler (BA-74)
Randy W. May (BA-74)
Virginia C. Swanson (MA-74)
Raymond D. Bennett (MA-75)
Mary B. Kite (MA-75)
Mary L. McNeill (MA-75)
Ruth H. Ross (MA-76)
Dudley W. Smith (EdD-76)
James S. Craig (MA-77)
Frederick H. Wagner IV (MS-77)
James E. “Ted” Harrigan (BA-78)
Charlotte McBride (BA-78)
Dale W. Mathias (MA-78)


Mickey Cook (BA-80)
Charles M. Levan (MA-80)
Karen L. Pelzer (BA-80)
William A. Semper (MA-80)
Robert Garber (MA-81)
Charles M. Lewis (MA-81)
William R. O’Neil (MA-81)
E. James Quigley (EdD-81)
Jon F. Thomass (BA-81)
Kenneth T. Cartmell (BS-82)
Melissa (Wood) Hunt (BA-82, MA-86)
Ronald E. Miller (EdD-84)
Judith A. Stock (PhD-84)
William M. Berens (MS-85)
Joan (Sword) Beemer (BAE-86)
Judith (Martin) Steward (BS-86)
Paul Schuette (BS-89)


Lillian E. Wade (MA-94)
Steven N. Haun (MM-97)


Kristin E. McLain (BS-00)
Dorothy A. Wheeler (MA-03)
Kimberly W. Bellingrath (MA-05)
Deidre (Strauch) Vickers (BS-05)
Nathan F. Fehl (BA-06)
Mark C. Avery (BS-08)
Matthew M. Sotelo (BS-09)


Oliver “Bud” Kolstoe, former UNC faculty member, passed away in April. A veteran of the 8th Air Force during World War II, Bud was recognized for many successful bombing missions, and for his valor and service. During his 19 years at UNC, he served as the chairman of the Department of Special Education and as acting dean of the College of Education. Bud wrote several textbooks and co-authored many others, and he lectured in the U.S. and abroad.? He was appointed to the National Advisory Council on Vocational Education and was named Scholar of the Year at UNC. Emeritus faculty status was granted in 1984.

George Fay, former UNC professor of anthropology, passed away in January.? He graduated from Joplin Junior College, University of Missouri, University of Michigan and University of New Mexico, and was a proud band member at the University of Missouri and the University of Michigan.? George taught at Southern State University (Arkansas), University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and at UNC beginning in 1966.? Emeritus Faculty status was granted in 1982.

Gordon Sawatzky, former professor of psychiatric nursing at UNC, passed away in April. He received his nursing education at Yale University and the University of Colorado. He taught at CU for two years and at UNC for 20 years, retiring as emeritus professor in 1985. George participated in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, served on the boards of the Greeley Transitional House and the Weld County Food Bank and was a member of the Colorado Nurses Association and the National League for Nursing.

Rex R. Schweers Jr. (BA-55, MA-60), former professor of mathematics at UNC, passed away in May. Rex was an instructor and mission pilot in the U.S. Air Force from 1955-1959 and served in the Air Force reserves.? He continued to remain active in AFROTC and led and participated in a number of reunions over the years. He began teaching in the mathematics department at UNC in 1960 and retired as Professor Emeritus in 1994.? Memorial contributions may be directed to the UNC Foundation for the Schweers Family Memorial Award for mathematics student scholarships.

Lloyd A. Norton (BA-59, MA-63), passed away in May. Lloyd was hired as a speech and theater instructor at UNC in 1963. He developed the See Saw Theater for the deaf at UNC and also started and was the director of Experimental Theater at UNC, which led to the small theater at Gray Hall being named Norton Theatre in his honor. Lloyd was a member of Alphia Psi Omega and the American Association of Community Theater. He directed nearly 200 shows at UNC and retired as Professor Emeritus in 1995.

Don Brown, UNC professor from 1969-1985, passed away in September. Don also taught high school in Oregon and California and was a professor at the State University of New York and Biola University. Following retirement he opened a reading clinic to help adults and children with disabilities learn to read and write.?

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