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Q: Is higher education an unaffordable luxury?

At a time when higher education is more important than ever (67 percent of jobs in Colorado will require at least a bachelor’s degree by 2018, according to a projection from the Center on Education and Workforce at Georgetown University), we face conflicting challenges. We must address affordability, as states are unable to invest in public colleges and universities as they once did, while simultaneously reaching more students amid the escalating costs of higher education.

Q: What is UNC doing to adapt to provide transformational education for years to come?

In response to those challenges, this fall I announced a $1 million initiative to foster
innovation. The funding over two years would support projects proposed by the campus community that focus on innovative academic programs, delivery methods and student success.

Our focus will be on identifying, and then implementing, innovative projects to offer more students transformative education (our hallmark) and helping more students succeed. As I told the campus community at my annual State of the University address:

Not every initiative we launch may end up being a game-changing innovation. But we’re going to send up enough rockets that some of them are bound to break free — and even from the ones that fail, we’re going to learn something. And you know what, I like our chances.

Video and transcript of her campus address is available at www.unco.edu/pres


Did You Know?

UNC served more than 15,600 students during the entire year in 2012-13. That number includes students enrolled in classes on the main campus, through extended studies centers and online.

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