Life at UNC

Life @ UNC

With a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer serving as their mentor, two students capture campus activities during the fall semester.

Intrepid UNC Art & Design students Nicolette Bardos and Hannah Swick, with Pulitzer Prizewinning photojournalist Barry Gutierrez serving as their mentor, explored campus to capture student life as the fall semester got under way. Bardos, a sophomore, and Swick, a junior, sorted through some 2,600 images to bring you their favorite photos.

Photos 1-10 by Hannah Swick
Photos 11-20 by Nicholette Bardos


UNC Campus

Bird’s-Eye View: Looking down on West Campus from atop Lawrenson Hall. At 17 stories, the residence hall — one of 16 on campus — is the tallest building in Weld County.
Photo by Nicolette Bardos