In Memory

In Memory


If your life has been touched or impacted by any of these alumni, faculty and friends of UNC who are commemorated in this issue, please consider making a tax-deductible memorial gift in his or her name to UNC Foundation, Campus Box 20, Greeley, CO 80639. Questions? Contact Margie Meyer at (970) 351-1886.


Fred F. Harcleroad Jr. (BA-39, MA-42)


Bernice (Copeland) Fields (MA-40)
Raymond J. Kruse (BA-41)
Helen C. Vance (BA-41)
Mary (Dean) Ledbetter (BA-42)
Esther (Kauffman) Gatseos (LC-46, BA-53)
Robert E. Goetz (MA-48)
Wayne W. Morford (BA-48)
Russell G. Stillwell (BA-48)
Darrell A. Hindman (MA-49, EdD-57)
Claire (Lynch) Lawrence (BA-49)
William A. Rains (BA-49, MA-52)
Louis A. Schwark (MA-49)


Robert J. Nulph (MA-50)
Francis R. Pickett (BA-50, MA-52)
Ruth (Kurtz) Rice (BA-50)
John B. Sandefur (BA-50, MA-65)
Vernelle (Koberstein) Meusborn (MA-51)
Betty L. Burley (MA-52)
Marion (Caldwell) Craig (MA-52)
Sarah “Jane” (Furr) Engler (BA-52)
Omar L. Franklin (BA-52)
Barbara (Reynolds) Toal (BA-52, MA-62)
Lester O. Wall (BA-52)
Warren D. Cross (BA-53)
Arthur H. Fries (MA-53)
Beverly (Allen) Mock (BA-55)
John B. Webster Jr. (BA-55)
Betty M. Crona (MA-56)
Ernest A. Haase (MA-56)
David D. Hopkins (BA-56)
Gary E. Miller (BA-56, MA-60)
Ralph W. Schultz (BA-56)
Ruby (Ferguson) Bartholomew (BA-57)
E. Frances Eastwood (MA-57)
Harry Jasinski (MS-57, EdD-65)
John M. Konselman (BA-57)
Donald A. Orr (MA-57)
Carolyn (Hatlestad) Wooten (MS-57)
Genevieve (Gilbert) Lionberger (BA-58)
G. Dean Palmer (BA-58, MA-59)
Iva L. Twyman (BA-58)
Rusana (Blackman) Allen (BA-59)
Joanne I. Ostrom (BA-59)
John J. Seaberg (MA-59)


Russell A. Furr (MA-60)
William D. Groteluschen (BA-60)
Myrle G. Hanson (MA-60)
Eldon K. Hyde (MA-60, EdD-68)
Warren K. Russell (MA-60)
Fred A. Tjardes (BA-60, MA-63)
John G. Groninger (BA-61, MA-70)
Robert J. (Jim) Hasty (BA-61)
Edward P. Herrin (BA-62, MA-67)
Dennis L. Vanderhoof (BA-62, MA-69)
Mary (Perdue) Church (BA-63)
Gaylord E. Gibbs (BA-63)
Donald L. Deselms (EdD-64)
Danette (Wilson) Hammond (BA-64)
Lloyd H. Ritchie (BA-64)
Harlan Smith (BA-64)
John A. Gustafson (MA-65)
Vicky M. Wampler (BA-65)
Sandra “Sue” (Elley) Brown (BA-66)
Shirleyann (Labriola) Siebert (BA-66)
Marjorie F. Cerchio (BA-67)
Ronald G. Hiles (MA-67)
Donald R. Kjar (BA-67)
Terry S. Pershing (BA-67)
Harry E. Wickes (EdD-67)
Alfred Yoder Jr. (MA-67)
Paolo Barucchieri (MA-68)
Judith A. Haedt (MA-68)
Susan R. McLeland (BA-68, MA-73)
Marjorie (Wright) Robbins (MA-68)
James E. Wiggins (MA-68)
Leonard G. Kavajecz (EdD-69)
William R. Meyn (BA-69)
Muriel B. Reichardt (MA-69)
Jeanne E. Rudolph (BA-69)


Charles N. Beecham (BA-71, MA-73)
Robert E. Monaghan (BA-71)
Barbara (Day) Brown (BA-72)
Mollie K. Erbes (BA-72, MA-79)
Kenneth D. Esarey (BA-72)
Patricia (Ullman) Harmon (MA-72)
Darlene (Radcliff) Korf (BA-72, MA-76)
Carol A. Long (BA-72)
Nancy (Lowry) Nelson (BA-72, MA-81)
Mariann R. Lastoka (BS-73)
Karen “Kay” Lenhart (BA-73)
Richard A. Loftis (BA-73)
Lloyd R. Lowery (EdD-73)
Diane (Hansen) Sorensen (EdD-73)
Bobbie W. Bain (MA-74)
Marylee (Martin Wolf) Burton (BA-74)
Jennifer Chambers-Neff (BA-74)
Robert L. Clayton (BA-74)
Edward D. Flohr (BS-74)
Rudolph Greis (MA-74)
Mario L. Rosa (BA-74, MA-78)
Albert J. Urban (BA-74)
Mary (Bambrick) Rizer (MA-75)
Mark C. Jones (BA-76, MA-80)
Frances W. Sutherland (MA-76)
Karen L. Sylvester (BA-76)
Fred P. Ruda (EdD-77)
Patricia M. Stanley (MA-77)
Carolyn A. Wilkie (MA-77)
Katherine L. Hopping (BME-78)
Irene A. Kauffroath (BS-78)


Cynthia (Thuring) Allen (BA-80)
Kenneth W. Jewett (MA-80)
Pasquale “Pat” Persichino (MA-80)
Claudia C. Resnick (MA-80)
John J. Gomez (MA-82)
Robert E. Wennergren (MS-82)
Charles J. McIntosh (BS-85)
Eric A. Sherrow (BA-86)
Andrea (Slenker) Saenz (BS-87)
Pamela A. Sekaros (MA-88)
Lori (Luttrell) Young (BA-89)


Sandra W. Mardis (BA-91)
Lori L. Lieberman (BA-93)
Matthew D. Anway (BA-94)
Angie R. Nowak (BS-98)


Allyn Sewald (BA-01)


William S. Cordiner passed away in October. He taught sculpture at UNC for 29 years, retiring as professor emeritus in 1995.

Former UNC Music Education professor Derryl Goes passed away in April. Goes earned a master’s degree from Colorado State University in 1965 and began teaching at UNC the same year. He retired as emeritus faculty in 1983.

Arlene N. Greer passed away in May. Arlene served as reference librarian at UNC 1970-1998. She received an associate professor emerita of Library Science in 1999.

Baheej Khleif passed away in August. Khleif taught at UNC 1966-1969, at the University of Massachusetts for 23 years and at Columbia College of Chicago for 18 years.

Wilbur G. Millslagle (MA-66, EdD-71) passed away in April. Wilbur was a professor at UNC for 22 years. He retired in 1989 as emeritus faculty.

Edward E. Peeples, former Biology professor at UNC, passed away in August. Peeples came to UNC in 1973 and retired as emeritus faculty in 1993.

Jerry Tanner (BA-59, MA-62, PhD-75), former vice president of Student Affairs at UNC, passed away in May. Jerry began working at UNC in 1959, serving in Admissions as dean of Men, dean of Students, assistant vice president of Auxiliary Services and associate professor of Personnel Administration in Higher Education. He retired as emeritus faculty in 1996. Jerry was a member of the Greeley Chorale and was involved in many other Greeley civic organizations. Memorial contributions may be made to the UNC Foundation for the Jerry Tanner Leadership Scholarship.

Florence (Litman) Winograd (BA-71) passed away in August. Florence and her late husband, Harold, dedicated themselves to the Greeley community and were well known for their community involvement and commitment to ethical business practices and social responsibility. The couple established a number of scholarships for UNC students and Aims Community College. Florence was active in many organizations, including the Mental Health Society of Greeley, A Woman’s Place, the Monfort Children’s Clinic, the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra and United Way. She served on UNC’s Board of Trustees, and a lecture hall in McKee Hall is named for her.

William Woodward (MA-91), professor of Journalism and Mass Communications at UNC 1991-2002, passed away in August. Bill also served as circulation manager for the Denver Post and the Tallahassee Democrat and was involved in radio and television throughout the Rocky Mountain region.



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