We Can’t Wait To Show You Around

When it comes to getting a feel for UNC, there’s nothing that beats walking the campus paths with our students, talking with our faculty, touring the classrooms and facilities and soaking in the blue and gold vibe. Schedule a tour through one of our visit programs, take a few selfies with the Bear on the hill, check out residence halls and feast in our award-winning dining halls.

There are several options to choose from - tell us who you are to get started.


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High School Student

Interested in attending UNC? Let us show you why it's great.

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Admitted High
School Student

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Transfer Student

Ready to transfer to UNC? Great choice! 

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School Counselor, Teacher or Community College Advisor

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 Graduation Cap

Graduate Student

On-campus, off-campus, or online, UNC offers outstanding options.

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International Student

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“My school counselor recommended UNC’s science program, and I was WOWED by the campus. Our tour guide, Kayla, was so much fun, and her enthusiasm made me want to be part of the fun too!” 

Shelby, high school student

Meet our Tour Guides

At UNC, our campus tour experience is led by actively involved and engaged students from all different majors, backgrounds and areas of interest.  These guides, known as Student Ambassadors, are a team of knowledgeable student leaders who will provide you information on the exceptional academic, cultural and social opportunities that UNC and Greeley have to offer.