Welcome to the Sport Marketing Research Institute

The Sport Marketing Research Institute (SMRI) aims to enrich the learning experience of sport administration graduate students by conducting field research for sport enterprises.

SMRI provides high quality research opportunities for both graduate students preparing for careers in sport management and organizations in need of management assistance.

SMRI provides the following research services to its clients:

Business Plans

Economic Impact Studies

Market Analysis

Merchandising Studies

Organizational Behavior Studies

Public Relations Studies

Spectator Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Licensing Studies

Marketing Plans

Needs Assessment Studies

Promotion Studies

Risk Assessment

Sponsorship Studies


Recent Projects


  • USA Boxing Membership Analysis


  • Association of Chief Executives for Sport (ACES)
  • Greeley's Bike, Board & Blade
  • UNC Volleyball


  • Bike, Board, & Blade
  • USA Boxing Membership Analysis