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Prevention Education & Advocacy Services provides comprehensive education about contemporary wellness issues impacting the college population including alcohol and other substance use, mental health and associated stigma, sexual health, healthy relationships, gender violence and violence prevention. Advocacy Services specializes in providing crisis response and advocacy to members of the campus community who have been impacted by sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking, while providing consultation to the campus community about gender violence issues.

The primary purpose of Prevention Education & Advocacy Services is to provide our campus community with tools and resources necessary to successfully navigate the college environment while promoting a positive college experience for our students.

Thank you for all who participated in the 2015 Fall Mini Amazing Race!

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1st Place - Team ACE


2nd Place - Wildest Dream

3rd Place - Vatos Locos

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4th Place - Trouble Trouple

76% of UNC Students do not drive high

93% of UNC Students believe it is dangerous to combine alcohol with prescription medications

72% of UNC Students do not drive if they have consumed any alcohol

30% of UNC Students use marijuana

$10,270 is the cost of a DUI in the state of Colorado (over the age of 21)

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