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The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) welcomes you to the home of the Native American Innovative Leadership program (NAIL). The goal of the program is to prepare Native American educators to successfully lead high-achieving, culturally responsive schools serving Native American youths and communities.

The University of Northern Colorado NAIL program is a two-year Interdisciplinary Masters of Arts degree program or Ed.S. in Educational Leadership and Special Education with dual licensure as a principal and special education director. The 39 credit hour program is delivered online and focuses on preparing Native American educators to successfully lead schools that promote student achievement in a culturally responsive context, particularly schools serving Native American youth and communities. The online delivery allows participants to remain in their schools and communities while completing an advanced degree that will open a variety of doors to career advancement through the development of leadership skills and knowledge that will help create positive change in schools serving Native American youths and communities. The course content addresses how educational leaders can develop the learning environment and effective teaching practices that honor Native culture and language and also prepare Native students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful and happy individuals as adults.

The program is open to all Native American Educators who have completed at least one year of teaching experience as a school counselor or psychologist and are interested in assuming roles as school leaders. Non-Native educators who currently teach in reservation schools are also admitted.

For assistance with tuition and other program costs, prospective students are encouraged to apply to the American Indian Graduate Center, (505-881-4584) for scholarship assistance, and American Indian Education Foundation, (605-342-9968), as well as to contact the UNC Financial Aid office at 970-351-2502.  For scholarships requiring full-time enrollment, participants can enroll in additional internship hours which will expand their leadership preparation experiences.

The faculty and technical support staff working on this project are very excited to offer this opportunity for American Indian educators to become effective education leaders in their communities. If you have questions about the program, please contact the program coordinator, Linda Vogel. For questions regarding technology, registration, or other issues, please contact the appropriate person from the following list: