Acting Associate Dean's Profile

James Keaten

Michelle BehrProfessor James A. Keaten earned his Ph.D. in Communication and Statistics from Penn State. He was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from Harvard University where he studied world religions. Prof. Keaten started at UNC in 1991 and teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in intercultural communication, quantitative research methodology, leadership, and interfaith communication.  In recognition of his teaching, Professor Keaten is the recipient of Mortar Board Favorite Professor Award and Professor of the Year, awarded by the UNC Student Senate.

He maintains four research tracks: (1) reticence—the study of individuals who are chronically silent, (2) cross-cultural research on Japanese versus American communication behaviors and predispositions, (3) the challenges and opportunities of pluralistic interfaith dialogue, and (4) the relationship between communicative disposition and use of computer mediated communication.

His research appears in journals such as Journal of Communication, Communication Education, Communication Quarterly, Communication Research Reports, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, and Japanese Psychological Research.  He serves/served on the editorial boards of Communication Education, Communication Quarterly, Communication Reports, and Journal of Intercultural Communication Research. Professor Keaten is the recipient of both the College Scholar Award and the Distinguished Scholar Award.