Diversity Mentor Program

Diverstiy Mentor Program

The Diversity Mentor Program seeks to maximize student involvement and learning through leadership opportunities, academic support initiatives, and dynamic programs designed to assist students in their own personal development. Each year a new set of eight undergrad students are hired to become Diversity Mentors. The Diversity Mentors work within the Residence Halls and with cultural and resource centers to promote inclusiveness around campus.

What is a Diversity Mentor?

Diversity Mentors work within the Housing and Residential Education Department and collaborate with all levels of Housing staff and focus their time, talents and enthusiasm on making our residence halls safe, welcoming, and celebrative for all students. Diversity Mentors seek to create inclusive communities by planning programs and events that deal primarily with diversity topics.

Diversity Mentors serve as leaders and role models within the residence hall community by confronting acts of hate, encouraging dialogue among students, and serving as a resource to their peers. Each residence hall/community has one Diversity Mentor. To find out who your Diversity Mentor is, contact your Hall Director or your RA!

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