South Hall

2323 11th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-6947

With its fantastic amenities, amazing public spaces, and its ability to help you find that living space that’s just right, South Hall continues to be a great place to call home. Students will enjoy socializing in one of the many lounge spaces. Students can also join together to form study groups. Small study groups can meet in the private meeting rooms that are located on each floor.

Students make the following comments about living in South Hall:

The game room, music practice room, and lounge spaces make South Hall a unique place to live and socialize. We especially enjoy the ability to cook in one of our many community kitchens and hang in our lounge.

The main floor, projection lounge is an added bonus to our hall. Using this space formovienights, video game tournaments, and to even watch our favorite television shows is great! We love that we can do our own programs in our own spaces.



I love that we have a live-in Faculty in Residence. She is an amazing resource to the residents of South and even takes the time to help us stay successful in college through her interactive academic programs. Once a week she even opens up her apartment for the students of South to socialize in. It’s an added bonus!

Join the live-in staff members, our hall mascot, Rupert the Koala, the student-led Community Council leadership team, and more than 300 students as we continue to make South Hall the best it can be and work each and every day to building new traditions in a great living facility!


Images for South Hall:

South Hall sample double room layout

South Hall sample single room layout

South Hall building floor plan

360 degree view of a double room in South Hall

360 degree view of the living room in a South Hall suite.

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