Student Learning

Our focus on outside of the classroom education is supported by many programs on our campus.  Residential Education is central to that mission.  As a division of Academic Affairs at UNC, the educational initiatives of Housing and Residential Education are part of the larger educational mission of the institution. We even host classes in some of our residence halls to provide students with the opportunity to go to class just down the hall. Some other initiatives include:

Living-Learning Communities: We offer over a dozen different living learning opportunities for our students.  These communities are supported by student services or by academic departments and allow students to interact with others who have the same major. 

Faculty in Residence: Seven of our residence halls have a faculty in residence and we are thrilled with the success of the program.

Programming: RA and Hall Director Programming is central to our student learning mission.  Our model provides students with social and educational programming that takes place on both a small and large scale.  We support campus events, but also host our own.  We focus on four areas: Academic Success, Personal Wellness, Social Connectedness, Global Citizenship and Cultural Awareness.