Pet Friendly Community

Pet Friendly Interest-Based Residential Learning Community

Pet Friendly Program

Students in this community will have the privilege of having their dog or cat live with them in Lawrenson Hall. This community is limited to dogs and domestic cats only and there are specific restrictions. There are limited spaces for this community.  The sign up process is first-come, first-serve.



Pet Friendly CommunityI agree to not adopt, procure or bring a pet of any kind until I receive an approved pet authorization from a Housing & Residential Education designee.



  • The pet friendly residence is located in Lawrenson Hall on the 2nd-4th floors only.
  • Dogs must be 40 pounds or less when fully grown.
  • Restricted breeds include: protective breeds such as Pit Bull, Boxer, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Husky, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Dalmatians, Wolf, or a dog that is a mix of any of these breeds.
  • Cats need to be indoor domestic pets.
  • All pets must be either spayed or neutered.
  • The owner is financially responsible for the actions of their pet including, but not limited to:  bodily injury, housing damages, and campus damages.  All residents within this community will not hold UNC liable for any personal or property damages as a result of the actions of any pet.
  • All residents in the pet friendly community must abide by University policies and all City, State and Federal laws.  Required documents include the Pet Housing Agreement and the Pet Friendly Residence Contract.  There is a Pet Council for this community that addresses policy issues or concerns that may arise and ultimately has the authority to terminate your pet agreement and pet contract with the community.


  • We encourage cats to have protective nail caps. You will be responsible for any repairs/damages your pet causes.
  • We recommend that cats either be declawed or have protective nail caps.

Occupancy Requirements:Kirby Friend

  • Students are limited to one pet per bedroom and are required to either buy out their bedroom or have a roommate that agrees to the terms and conditions of living in this community. 
    • Example A: Two students can have one pet within one bedroom.
    • Example B: One student can have one pet per bedroom with a $500 room buyout.
    • Example C: Four students could live in a Lawrenson Hall suite, but choose not to have a pet.  However, they want to be part of the pet friendly community.
    • Example D: Three students residing within a suite, with only one pet.  The pet owner would be responsible for buying out their bedroom for an additional $500.
    • For additional questions with regard to suite configurations, please contact the Housing & Residential Education Department at 970-351-2721.


  • Before completing the housing contract, identify potential roommates who you want to reside in your Lawrenson suite.  Please see above examples for potential suite configurations.
  • Step 1:  When completing the housing contract, select the “Pet Friendly” option within the Themed Housing dropdown list. 
    • You will need to complete the Pet Friendly Housing Agreement on our website and submit the agreement in person to the Housing & Residential Education Office located in Tobey-Kendel Hall, Room 199 or submit it via e-mail to
  • Step 2: Pet Friendly Orientation will take place the Sunday before classes start after move-in.
  • Step 3: You will receive a Pet Authorization which indicates your acceptance to the pet friendly community or your overall status for this community.  At this time, you would receive a room assignment. Once your pet has been approved to live on campus, you will need to register your pet with the City of Greeley for a Dog or Cat License.
  • Step 4:  Identify the pet and complete the Pet Friendly Resident Checklist and provide the required documentation. 
  • Step 5:  Complete a pre-walk and complete a room inventory form with the Resident Assistant of their Lawrenson suite to verify the condition of the room at move-in.
  • Step 6: Attend a Pet Friendly Orientation session.  The purpose of this orientation is to connect roommates to pet owners and plan the process of having a pet.  During this time, residents will be required to complete the Pet Friendly Residence Contract.  No pets are to be brought to campus until the orientation session has been completed and you receive a pet authorization.
    • Returning students can attend an orientation during the spring semester. Incoming students will need to attend an orientation session the week after hall opening in August.  Spaces are limited and this is a first-come, first-serve community.
    • All pet owners will be required to read, understand and sign the rules of conduct for the pet friendly community.
  • Step 7: Move into the residence hall with your pet.
  • Step 8:  Complete a Pet Friendly Roommate Agreement.
  • Additional Resources
    • For times when you are out of town and unable to care for your pet, a Pet Sitter Release form is required.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at


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