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The residence halls officially open on Thursday, August 18, 2016. Students who arrive before this date are considered "early arrivals".

Types of early arrivals:
  1. Students who want to arrive early and are not here because a UNC department, UNC camp or UNC team requires them to be here.
  2. Students that need to arrive early because they are required to be here for a UNC team, UNC camp or UNC Department.


1) Students that are not required to be early on campus are charged $45 per night.

2) Students that need to be here for a UNC camp, UNC department training, or UNC athletics team are charged $25 per day. Your name must be on the list supplied by your department to be eligible for the reduced early arrival fee. Please check with your department's contact person to determine your eligibility and arrangements for housing. Please verify your arrival date with your department to avoid billing issues.


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