Faculty In Residence Program

We are proud to announce the UNC Faculty members that will be living in the residence halls with our students for the academic year. Each instructor will be assigned into a different hall for the academic year. The faculty members are:

  • Dr. Lin Allen, Professor of Communication, Communication Studies
  • Travis D. Boyce - Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Social Sciences
  • Lyda Ellis - Instruction librarian and Associate Professor of University Libraries
  • Lee Anne Peck - Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Sue Gould - Assistant Professor, Dietetics
  • Gary Swanson - the Mildred S. Hansen Endowed Chair in Journalism
  • Brian Iannacchione - Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Diane Gaede - Associate Professor, College of Natural & Health Sciences - Recreation, Tourism & Hospitality

"The program provides opportunities for unique relationships and adds a vibrant social and intellectual community outside of the classroom," said Jenna Finley, Executive Director of Enrollment Management. "It's also another way to showcase our approachable faculty who serve as professional and personal role models to our students." (as quoted to Nate Haas)

If you have any questions regarding this program, please call the Housing & Residential Education Office at 970-351-2721.