CUMBRES Residential Learning Community

CUMBRES Academic Residential Learning Community

The CUMBRES Community is a living and learning program for students who are planning to teach in the K-12 schools and are working toward an English as a Second Language (ESL) or Bilingual/Bicultural endorsement.

The Cumbres Community is designed for first-year students accepted into the CUMBRES program. CUMBRES students take on leadership roles, receive financial assistance each semester, and work with a mentor at UNC. The Cumbres Community will include a Resident Assistant in the CUMBRES Program, and upper-class CUMBRES students will serve as mentors in the communities. Opportunities for students living in this community will include:

  • Participation in retreats, cultural events, and other fun outings
  • Receiving tutoring designed specifically for CUMBRES students
  • Cohort classes with other CUMBRES students
  • Discussions with practicing teachers about bilingual education and ESL
  • Informally getting to know some of the faculty within their majors
  • Studying with other students in their classes
  • Mentoring incoming first year students
  • Belonging to a community of friends and classmates
  • Volunteering at local schools.

Students in this community have the opportunity to participate in workshops, tutoring, and study tables organized through the Center for Human Enrichment designed to support academic success. Students interested in this community must apply and be accepted into the CUMBRES Program. Please contact Linda Carbajal, Cumbres Program Director, at (970) 351-2410 for more information about how to join!