Common Ground Interest-Based Residential Learning Community

Common Ground:
This community is our newest Interest Based Community.  Students will share two common courses (MIND 100 and ENG 122) as well as programming focused on interfaith dialogue.  This community is open to all students of any or no experience with faith, religion or spirituality.

Vision Statement:  Students living in Common Ground will live and learn together while exploring personal values related to faith, spirituality, religion, and reason.  This community is open to all religions, faiths, perspectives, and students asking questions in search of a deeper understanding.  This is a community designed to support students as they explore their personal belief systems through dialogue.

Future Programs:
This community is still being developed. You have the opportunity to create some new community traditions. Here are a few possibilities to get your ideas flowing:

  • Experience weekly faith dialogue at a community dinner
  • Share faith traditions or explore family traditions together in common community space
  • Attend events with guest speakers and programs related to faith, spirituality, religion, and multiculturalism.