Campaign Success Stories

Your Stories, Your Impact

Thank you for making a difference through the Campaign for UNC.  Follow the stories of impact and success that donor philanthropy makes possible every day and throughout our campus community.

Bianca Acosta

Changing Lives in Ways Only Bears Can

Bears take care of Bears, and being part of the Bear community means, no matter where you are, you’re never without a helping hand when you need it most. When student Bianca Acosta suffered extensive damage to her home and faced the impossible choice to either drop out of school to afford to fix it or stay in school and risk homelessness with her 10-year-old daughter, her UNC network took action to help. We asked Bianca to share her story. [Read Full Post]


Shawn Tebben

Tebben Named Inaugural Allen McConnell Chair in Accounting

Shawn Tebben is the inaugural Allen McConnell Endowed Chair in Accounting for the Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business and joins the accounting faculty this fall. Tebben kick's off her role with gratitude to the generous donors to the Allen McConnell Endowed Chair fund. [Read Full Post]


Paul Heidger

First UNC Honors Alum Gives Back to Future Educators

A gift from alumnus Paul Heidger '63, along with a matching grant from the Colorado Department of Higher Education, provide $113,000 investment in UNC's Honors' Program. The gift, made in honor of Paul's late first wife Barbara will provide support to current UNC Students. [Read Full Story]


2016-2017 Giving Summary

With the Campaign for UNC in full swing, momentum is building in support of student success and other university priorities. Thank you to the generous donors who made contributions during the 2016-17 year. [Read Full Post]


Appreciation Week

Who are you grateful for at UNC?

UNC carries a special place in the hearts, so often tied to a memory of friend, favorite professor or beloved coach. These uncommon bonds help us manage the up's and down's of college life; let's take a moment to thank them. [Read Full Post]


Campus Commons Construction is Underway

Campus Commons construction is underway thanks in large part to the generous donors who support the vision of improved student success, community connections and a new showcase for UNC arts. [Read Full Post]