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Faculty Resources

The Faculty Resource Guide has been created by Disability Support Services staff as a way for faculty, TAs, GAs, and other professionals who work with students to become more familiar with our office. Please use this guide to learn more about the Disability Support Services program at UNC, as well as learn both the student’s role and your role in the accommodation process.

Syllabus Statement

Universities are required to provide notice of services available to people with disabilities. You can find the revised syllabus statement on our Syllabus Statement page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do when I get a blue sheet? (Students and Faculty)

    This form is required for every exam or quiz we administer.

    Students: Give a blue sheet to your professor when you wish to take an exam in the DSS office. This sheet needs to be given to the professor (3) business days in advance, with the top portion filled out.

    Faculty: Upon receiving the blue sheet, attach the student’s copy of the exam and complete the remainder of the form. Information needed includes: where to return the test, any approved materials (calculator, open notes etc.), the scheduled time of your class, if the student will be taking the exam so it overlaps with class time, or if you have discussed an alternative time for the student due to extenuating circumstances. Once the form is completed, please return the blue sheet and exam to our office. You can hand deliver it, fax it to 970-351-4166, or email it to DisabilitySupport@unco.edu.

  • How does note-taking work?

    Students: If you are approved for the peer note-taker accommodation, you will have instructions attached to your accommodation letter. Instructions and accommodation letter should be given to your professor at the beginning of class. Please fill out the Note-Receiver Request Form

    Faculty: The student should give an accommodation letter with note-taking instructions attached. While maintaining confidentiality, the professor should ask the class for a peer/volunteer note-taker for the class. If a student volunteers, please give them the green half sheet of instructions. If no one volunteers, please contact the DSS office.

    Note-takers: If you volunteered to be a peer note-taker, please fill out the Peer Note-Taker Registration Form. If you have volunteered in more than one class, please fill out a new form for every class.

    Once the student and the peer note-taker have completed the registration forms, they will be anonymously matched through GoogleDrive. Peer Note-Takers will be given access to edit and upload notes. Students will receive a link to view the folder in GoogleDrive through their email. Notes are expected to be uploaded often and should be clear, original notes.

  • What if I need to get a video in class captioned for a student?

    Faculty can submit a Captioning Request form. Please visit the Captioning Page for more information.

  •  How could one of my students get accommodations?
     If students inquire about getting accommodations, please refer them to our website or have them stop into the office. To learn more about the accommodation process, please look at our Getting Started Page.