Bear Plans = Summer 2015

Bear Plans are available to all students during the summer... you just need to be a registered student for Summer session. When choosing your plan, keep in mind when and where your classes are. Also consider your current eating habits – do you skip meals, do you prefer “three squares a day”, are you on a special diet, etc... and realize your dining habits may change during the course of the summer.

Locations open in the summer (click here for more details):

  • Holmes Dining Hall (summer meal plans, cash)
  • University Center Food Court (summer meal plans, cash)
  • Retail Dining (summer dining dollars, cash)

Dining Dollars are also available during the summer... they're good from the Monday after graduation through mid-August at Einstein Bros® Bagels, Starbucks®, Subway®, and Munchy Mart.

Summer 2015 Meal Plan Prices:

All meal plans are good for the summer (usually the beginning of June - the beginning of August) only, see the fine print below. (Summer prices are always the same as they were for the previous academic year.)

  • 160 Meal Access $1,650
  • 120 Meal Access $1,250
  • 80 Meal Access $845
  • 50 Meal Access $535
  • 25 Meal Access $271
  • 10 Meal Access $111

Miscellaneous Notes:

  1. You can choose the meal, how often you eat, and where you eat in any of the dining facilities open during the summer (Holmes Dining Hall or the University Center Food Court).
  2. Your guest(s) may be admitted with you through the use of additional swipes with your Bear Plan, but you must be there to swipe them in.
  3. Meals are ONLY valid for the semester the plan is purchased. They DO NOT carry forward from Summer to Fall.
  4. There are NO monetary refunds for uneaten meals.

Guest Meal Prices

Have a visitor who wants to eat in the dining rooms with you?  Use your Bear Plan to swipe them in... or they can pay cash prices at the door any time.

Need more information? Email or call us at (970) 351-2652.