Welcome to UNC from Dining Services

What an exciting time of year this is!

The start of school brings the opportunity for new beginnings, new knowledge to be gained, and so many new experiences to be created. For Dining Services, we look at the start of school as a time of coming home for our students who have been missed over the summer. We have been planning all summer, and we are ready to greet them with a big welcoming feast.

Join us at Taste of UNC

Our opening celebration meal "Taste of UNC" will be held in conjunction with "Bear Fest" on Friday, August 24th. This a time for returning students and new students alike to mingle, eat, and have fun. Food will abound with festival food booths consisting of Kansas City BBQ Brisket Sandwiches, Mexican Street Tacos, Roasted Corn on the Cob, Tortilla Wraps, Hawaiian Style Roasted Pig, Belgium Style Fries, and new this year will be a Lettuce Wrap booth which meets all the dietary guidelines of The DASH line which can be found in both Tobey-Kendel Dining Room and Holmes Dining Hall.

The DASH line is available on a regular basis to ensure there are healthy options available that meet both the Colorado Smart Meal program guidelines and DASH dietary guidelines. Foods offered here are free of gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, shellfish, nuts and trans fats. Whether you have dietary concerns or not, the foods offered at The DASH are flavorful, fresh, and sure to please. We would like to say "thank you" to the FND students for their hard work last semester. They helped us design the menu for this year's DASH booth for Taste of UNC.

Fuel your body and mind

We hope you choose to join Dining Services this semester for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and see what we have to offer. Finding time to eat a healthy diet can be difficult with all the demands required for studies and preparation for classes. Eating a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you can meet all those demands. We are here to help by ensuring you have the fuel for your body and mind to perform at your best. Let us do the cooking and cleaning so you can focus on your studies and work.

A few more choices this year

Something new this year at Holmes Dining Hall is the addition of a Halal station. This station offers healthy, fresh, and flavorful hot entrees and sides that all meet Halal dietary requirements. We are excited this semester to have a variety of chicken, beef, lamb, and fish entrees presented for both lunch and dinner. This is a new station that we are very excited and proud to offer our campus community.

If you find yourself in the area of the University Center during the lunch hour, make sure to check out Bears Bistro, located across from the bookstore. You can create your own pasta dish or salad – both cooked fresh to order. Not in the mood for pasta or salad? Just grab a slice or two of our fabulous Chicago style deep dish pizza. This is the only deep dish around that comes even close to that of the Windy City.

Check out what's cooking

This semester, we look forward to meeting new students, welcoming back familiar faces, and getting to know everyone's likes and dislikes. Let us know how we can make your dining experience here at UNC the best it can be. We have a very talented and dedicated staff who strives on a daily basis to put out the best food possible with the best service that can be provided. Throughout the semester you will see special events such as Cooking Demonstrations, Special Holiday Menus, Featured Food items and more.

Take advantage of us

There are many new and exciting things happening in Dining Services this year, and I certainly hope you will take advantage of what we have to offer! Dining Services is here for you because "We Feed The Bears" and we are very proud of it! GO BEARS!

Chef EssigDon’t forget to look at the weekly menus on the Dining Services website often to find out what other fabulous menu items await you this week!

Happy Dining!
Chef Aran Essig, CEC, CCA
(Certified Executive Chef, Certified Culinary Administrator)


Want to know what's being served in the dining rooms? Call the FoodLine (970.351.FOOD) for daily menus or look at our weekly menus online. Not signed up for the Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction program yet? Learn more about the program here.