Featured Item of the Week = Bacon

This week's Featured Item of the Week was written and submitted by Corey Everts. Corey is one of our Lead Cooks at Holmes Dining Hall -- right here in UNC Dining Services. Thanks Corey!

Please join Corey on Wednesday, November 2nd at Holmes Dining Hall for an "All About Bacon" Cooking Demo. Find out more information here about times, dates, and costs here.

Makin' Bacon here at UNC!

In today's America, we have the luxury of playing with our food. And in this case, we're talking about BACON! You may have noticed the the rise of extreme uses for bacon during this last decade. Some have even dubbed this phenomenon "Bacon Mania." It is the realization that bacon is "meat candy" and is not limited to the breakfast table where some 70% of bacon is typically eaten.bacon

Historically, bacon has been a staple food, cured and/or smoked for the sake of long term storage. Typically, meats were cured to sustain the family over for the winter months (when fresh meats were limited).

The word bacon comes from various mother tongues, but basically it breaks down to mean the meat from the back if the pig. What we Americans call Canadian bacon is actually called back bacon in Canada, as it is from the pork loin of the pig versus the belly of the pig. Many countries have their own terms and uses for bacon. More often than just being eaten, Europeans will use bacon more as a flavor enhancer... cooking with the rendered fat and using lardons of bacon in their dishes versus something to just eat by itself.

"Bacon Mania" can be a lot of fun!

baconWith the realization that bacon is sweet, salty, smoky, crispy, and meaty... we can start to think of bacon as being more than just an option for breakfast or a sandwich topper. Would you try chicken fried bacon? How about bacon ice cream? Bacon infused vodka for those of you who are at least 21 years old? What about bacon wrapped fruits? Would you drink a bacon shake? How about a vanilla sundae topped with fresh strawberries, balsamic syrup, and peppered bacon crumbles? Perhaps your food could use some bacon sugar or Bacon Salt?

Cooking Demo: 11/2/11

Holmes Dining Hall staff members are planning on having some fun with bacon this Wednesday, November 2nd at the Cooking Demo. You're invited to come have some fun with us! This is your chance to try some "bacon flavored things" you might not have a chance to try without seeming a little crazy to your family and friends. At the Cooking Demo, we will also try some bacon flavored ice cream, show you how to make your own bacon, sample some of our own bacon, and try some other bacon flavored goodies for those with an open mind and a love of bacon.

Please join Corey on Wednesday, November 2nd at Holmes Dining Hall for an "All About Bacon" Cooking Demo. Find out more information here about times, dates, and costs here.

"We Feed The Bears!" Here in Dining Services

Chef EssigThere are many new and exciting things happening in Dining Services this year, and I certainly hope you will take advantage of what we have to offer.

Dining Services is here for you because "We Feed The Bears" and we are very proud of it! GO BEARS!

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Happy Dining!
Chef Aran Essig, CEC, CCA
(Certified Executive Chef, Certified Culinary Administrator)