The Evolution of Dining Services

Harrison Dining Room History

Harrison Residence Hall was built on an alfalfa field in 1966 by the architect R.F. Lindstedt and his associates. It is named after M. Lucille Harrison, who was the Professor Emeritus of Elementary Education at UNC from 1926-1963. While the estimated original cost of Harrison Hall was $2,485,000, it would cost approximately $8 million to replace just the dining room (as of 2001). Harrison Hall consists of five floors of residence rooms, a dining room, two student lounges, a basement with laundry facilities and study areas, and a front desk that supplies anything from change to sports equipment. When Harrison Hall was first built, the south wing was all girls and the north wing all boys, and this was considered co-ed. Now, the men and women are mixed throughout the wings. A suite consists of four residents: two double rooms conjoined by one bathroom.