Dining Services ~ A Guide To Student Employment

Important Contact Information

Holmes Dining Hall

  • Student Personnel Manager: 351-3802
  • Holmes Administrative Assistant: 351-3801
  • Holmes Check Stand: 351-3825

Tobey-Kendel Dining Room

  • Student Personnel Manager: 351-3517
  • Tobey-Kendel Kitchen: 351-3516
  • Tobey-Kendel Check Stand: 351-3512
  • Tobey-Kendel Gourmet To Go: 351-3515

University Center Operations

  • Food Court Manager: 351-2165
  • Cash Operations Manager: 351-1329
  • Cash Operation Assistant Manager: 351-1358
  • Senior Nutrition Program: 351-2241
  • University Catering: 351-1304
  • UC Kitchen: 351-1302

Dining Services

  • Main Office: 351-2652

It is mandatory to speak directly to a manager if something has happened that may involve you missing a scheduled shift.

Prior to your shift contact the Assistant Manager. If you are unable to reach the Assistant Manager, leave a message, then contact the kitchen or check stand to speak to another manager.

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