Dining Services ~ A Guide To Student Employment

Back of the House Dress Code

Positions Included: Student Cook/Prep positions, areas of Display Cooking, Line Runner, Student Carver, dishwashers, dish room technical positions.

General Statement for Back of the House Dress Code:

Although at Dining Services we stress the importance of presenting an appearance of cleanliness, as well as pride for the work we are doing, we also realize the different functions of some areas. This is not to say that our standards of professional appearance are lower in some areas than others, but that we realize some positions in the “back of the house” are considerably different than those of the “front of the house." Therefore, the policy for dress code in the “back of the house” have these additional standards:

  • When working in a specified area where uniforms are provided to that area, the proper and appropriate use of the designated uniform will be required and enforced.
  • Nametags are issued as a mandatory part of your uniform and are to be worn at all times that you are working.
  • Chef coats are to be buttoned to the top, sleeves worn down whenever possible.
  • Coats are to be clean, free of stains, and food debris. The double breasted chef coats can be buttoned 2 different ways, to hide any stains that occur.
  • Chef coats are to be free of holes, patches, of the proper fit, and to be worn correctly at all times. They are to be worn only while you are on duty at work.

Chef Coats in Student Cooking/Prep Positions

Chef coats associate the individual to their profession. When a customer sees this coat they assume that the wearer is knowledgeable to their field.

  • All Student Cook, Student Prep Cook, or Student Carver positions will wear a chef coat as deemed necessary.
  • Student employees in display cooking areas, shall at all times wear a white chef coat or an apron over their uniform. Students will be furnished a chef coat for the shift, to be put in the dirty laundry hampers upon completion of their shift.
  • The chef coat, must at all times, be clean, unstained, and free of food debris.

Dish Room /Pots and Pans Positions

White cotton aprons are mandatory in all dish and pots and pans areas. There are additionally heavy plastic aprons available for you to wear during your shift to protect your clothing from water. Hairnets or UNC baseball hats will be worn at all times. The position of Line Runner/Busser is also required to wear an apron.

All personal cleanliness as well as other basic dress codes for all areas still applies to these areas.

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