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Goal Four

Interns will demonstrate a commitment towards multicultural competency.


  • Interns will demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to the impact of diversity issues

    Competencies expected:

    • Interns will demonstrate awareness of how one's personal identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, social class, religion, sexual orientation, ability status, gender, etc.) may impact clinical work and professional relationships.
    • Interns will demonstrate awareness of how cultural factors influence clinical presentation, conceptualization, diagnosis, and the counseling process
    • Interns will engage in self-assessment of cultural skills and competencies, with recognition of own strengths and areas of growth
    • Interns will demonstrate an appreciation for human differences and desire to grow multi-culturally
    • Interns will articulate privileged identities and demonstrate awareness of how this privilege may impact the therapeutic process
  • Interns will provide competent multicultural practice

    Competencies expected:

    • Interns will demonstrate culture-specific knowledge about diverse groups of people
    • Interns will demonstrate ability to gather essential and accurate psychosocial information related to diversity characteristics.
    • Interns will effectively process multicultural issues in clinical work and when receiving supervision.
    • Interns will demonstrate multi-culturally competent individual therapy

Intern Evaluations

Our intern evaluation forms flow directly from these goals, objectives, and competencies. Interns formally receive feedback on their performance twice per semester.