Advising Services

The mission of Advising Services is to provide individualized academic advising to students on academic probation or suspension and exploring students by teaching students the skills necessary to make informed decisions throughout their academic career.

All students at the University of Northern Colorado have an academic advisor who can assist them during the academic journey to graduation. Advising Services in the Office of Academic Support and Advising is specialized for students who are exploring major options, or who are on academic probation (having less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA).

Advising Services consists of professional academic advisors who are ready to answer your questions about UNC. We believe in regular, personal, and individualized contact with our students. Academic advisors provide you with the information needed to make decisions about your academic career. You will receive expert advice, but are ultimately responsible for your progress toward a degree.

ASA Academic Advisors can assist you in:

  • Understanding the requirements of specific majors at UNC.
  • Narrowing down their interests in order to declare a major.
  • Understanding academic policies and procedures of the University.
  • Learning about academic resources on campus.
  • Learning techniques for effective studying, and time management.
  • Developing strategies to improve academic success.
  • Calculating cumulative GPA based on predicted grades.
  • Reviewing mid-semester grades.
  • Developing decision making skills.


Due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), University staff can provide academic information about a student only to the student themselves. This includes items such as cumulative grade point average, grades, and academic standing. There is however, a great deal of general information that can be shared with the support system of a student. Utilize the links on the Advising Services pages to help navigate the academic world of UNC.