The program is open to all Native American educators or educators serving predominantly Native American students who have completed at least one year of teaching or service as a school counselor or psychologist and are interested in assuming roles as school leaders.


  • Participants must enroll in a minimum of 3 credit hours per semester to remain in the program.
  • Complete all course assignments in a timely manner.
  • Participants must complete a minimum of 360 clock hours of internship experiences to earn a Colorado principal license. While several states have a reciprocal agreement in recognizing licensure in Colorado, NAIL program staff will also work with participants to ensure that the internship and coursework completed at UNC meets the requirements for licensure in the participants’ home state, as well.
  • Participants must earn a passing grade on a Comprehensive Exam in the final semester of their program of study. The take-home exam will be in essay format and ask participants to apply the knowledge they have gained in their coursework to practical leadership situations.
  • A maximum of 9 hours of coursework completed outside of the NAIL program may be accepted for transfer credit upon review of syllabi from courses proposed for transfer credit by program faculty.
  • Based on University requirements, participants must maintain a 3.00 GPA throughout the program.
  • Participants who drop or receive a grade of incomplete for a total of 6 or more credits will be dropped from the program.
  • Participants must complete their program of study within five years of being admitted.