In memory

In Memory

Compiled and edited by Margie Meyer


Maxine (Harryman) Bell (BA-38, MA-41)
Beatrice G. Bunting (BA-39)
Elna (Root) Kinnison (LC-39)


Gertrude O. Lohse (BA-40)
Mary Spanjer (LC-40, BA-49)
Marjorie (Griffith) Gieck (BA-44)
Verda M. Bostrom (BA-45, MA-57)
Marjorie A. Zimmerman (BA-45)
Manford J. Ferris (BA-49)
John G. McGregor (BA-49, MA-51)


Theodore Meyer (BA-50, MA-52)
Virginia M. Thornton (BA-50)
Marjorie J. McMain (BA-51, MA-68)
Warren W. Mitchell (BA-51)
Stanley G. Sanders (MA-51)
Martha (Johnson) Mitchem (BA-51, MA-58)
June (Chilberg) Levy (MA-52)
Cheri B. Warnock (BA-53)
Emma S. Grantham (BA-54)
Richard K. Porter (BA-54, MA-61)
Frances T. Saylor (BA-54, MA-61)
Earl C. Sandstedt (BA-54)
Sally Sobieszczyk (MA-54)
L. Kearby Cotter (BS-56)
Charles W. Webster (BA-57, MA-59)
Paul E. Mattson (MA-58, EdD-78)
Louise H. Reitze (MA-58)
Joseph Rodriguez (BA-58, MA-61)
Ralph J. Rowley (BA-58)
Erma Smartt (BA-58)
Marjorie E. Speece (BA-58)
Joan M. Alyea (BA-59)
Arthur A. Giffin (BA-59)
Ronald A. Hultquist (BA-59, MA-67)
Frank W. Irwin (BA-59)
Marilyn J. Lesser (BA-59)
Martha (Fredling) McNeal (BA-59)


Roy J. Nichols (MA-60)
Gerald G. Meyer (BA-61, MA-65)
Glenn V. Peterson (MA-61)
Jo Ann (Harper) Taylor (MA-61)
Charles O. Redies (BA-61)
Alphonso W.R. Stines (BA-61, MA-63)
Bianca Chang (BA-62)
Charley A. Conger (MA-62)
Howard Craton (BA-62)
Robert J. Wisdom (BA-62)
Charles E. McPherson (BA-63)
Charles E. Perry (MA-63)
LeRoy A. Strausner (BA-63, MA-66)
Curt Jefferies (BA-64)
Rex A. Nelson (EdD-64)
Charlene (Jones) Sackman (BA-64)
Eva (Grundeitz) Akers (BA-65, MA-70)
Clifford O. Brookhart (BA-65, EdD-81)
Esther (Miller) Steverson (BA-65)
David L. Wolfe (BA-65)
Ronald B. Bailey (MA-66)
Marcia Davis (MA-66)
Ellen Peyton (BA-66)
Roy W. Burley (BA-67, MA-73)
Norman J. Horst (BA-67)
Clarence F. Johnson (MA-67)
Beverly Thornburg (MA-67)
Curt L. Vandenbos (BA-67)
David A. Organ (BA-68)
Richard A. “Dick” Reed (MA-68)
Valjean (Adam) Rehn (MA-68)
Barbara E. Reynolds (BA-68, MA-72)
Gretchen A. Flood (MA-69)
Charles F. Stevens (MA-69)


Karen (Flynn) Farmer (BA-70)
Stephen M. Flanagan (EdD-70)
Carolyn M. Bowden (BA-71, MA-73)
Doris (Piedalue Baney) Carpenter (BA-71)
Benito J. de la Torre Jr. (BA-71, MA-76)
Angelo DiPaolo (BA-71)
Marian A. Schildknecht (BA-71, MA-72)
Bill B. Barr (BA-72)
Teresa A. Lee (BA-72, MA-87)
Thomas J. Synnott (EdD-72)
William J. O’Neill (EdD-73)
Hannah “Gwen” (Solmer) Richardson (MA-74)
John B. Waite (EdD-74)
Barbara “Bobbie” Zimmerman (MA-74)
William F. Francoeur (BA-75)
Mary L. Lorenson (MA-75, EdD-86)
John W. Rushfeldt (MA-75)
Janet (Rogers) Waite (MA-75)
Jeffrey A. Graunke (BA-76)
Jack E. Oldright (BA-76)
Thomas J. Smith (MA-76)
Doris A. McGregor (MA-77)
Mary A. “Becky” Proudfoot (MA-77)
Cathryn (Lindstrom) Gentry (BS-78)
Carol L. Kagarice (BA-78, MA-81)
John P. Torell (MS-79)


William T. Shanks (MA-81)
Jonathan C. Watkins (BS-82)
Michelle (Cox) Wyeno (BA-82, MA-83)
David A. Erickson (BS-83)
Frank W. Koenig (MS-83)
David G. Wilson (BA-83)
Kurt A. Kiesling (BA-84)
Dorothy A. Sanko (MA-84)
Charles P. Schmidt (BS-84)
Donna (Smith) Duvall (BAE-86)
Dennis C. “Denny” Hunke II (BS-86)
Jeanne M. Hansen (MA-87)
Kathleen (Horton) Hudson (BS-87)
Karen S. Powell (DA-87)
Catherine (Rees) Johnston (MA-88)
Donald A. Monteath (BAE-88, MA-90)
Karla (Gossman) Wright (BS-89)


Patricia L. Austin (MA-90)
Ellenor Dominguez (BA-90, MA-95)
Neal G. Lousberg (BA-96)
Carl. J. Miller (BA-97, MA-08)


Lynn A. Sandstedt (BA-54), Greeley, former professor of foreign language at UNC, passed away in November. Lynn began his teaching career at Greeley Central High School and served UNC from 1972 to 1993 as a professor and chairman of the foreign language and Hispanic studies departments. He co-authored 18 textbooks for beginning and intermediate university levels and founded and/or led each of the primary foreign language teaching organizations in Colorado and the nation. Lynn was honored as one of UNC’s Centennial Hall of Fame members and received a number of awards from other organizations. He retired in 1993 as Professor Emeritus.

Kathy Bundock Moore, former professor of harp and music theory at UNC, passed away in December. Kathy earned degrees in music from the Eastman School of Music and Michigan State University. She was the principal harpist of the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra and wrote and published twenty-five harp arrangements and instruction books. Emeritus Faculty status was granted in 2014.

Carol L. Lutey, former professor of psychology at UNC, passed away in December. Carol taught at Northern Illinois State Teachers College before receiving her Ph.D. in philosophy from Michigan State University in 1955. She also taught at Ball State University before coming to UNC in 1959. She was a member of the American Psychological Association and published many manuals for testing individual intelligence. She retired as Emeritus Faculty in 1981.

Joseph L. Shoemaker (BA-42, MA-51), former professor of physical science, chemistry and physics at UNC and co-founder of the Frontiers of Science Institute, passed away in February. Joseph was recognized as one of UNC’s Honored Alumni and received the national Citation for Distinguished Service to Education by the National Science Teachers Association. He was involved with National Aeronautic and Space Administration-NTSA Youth Science Congresses, Tomorrow’s Scientists and Engineers Program and Youth Conference on Science and the Environment. He served UNC for 27 years, retiring in 1983 as Emeritus Faculty.

Jack MacAllister, long-time supporter of student scholarships at UNC, passed away in February. In his 42-year career at US West, he promoted women and minorities and oversaw the creation of the US West Foundation, which funded philanthropic projects in the company’s 14-state region. He served on the UNC Board of Trustees in the 90s and established teaching scholarships at six universities.

If your life has been touched or impacted by any of these alumni, faculty, staff and friends of UNC please consider making a memorial gift in his or her name to UNC Foundation, Campus Box 20, Greeley, CO 80639.

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