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Authors are invited to contribute to Book Notes c/o Northern Vision Class Notes. Entries in the print edition are limited to books professionally published within the last year. Submit book covers electronically, 300 dpi or greater.

Dear Wanda by Onan Hill (EdS-67), Forest Grove, Ore., is a personal account of four years of Onan’s life in the military during World War II. It is a letter written for his wife and four children and covers his enlistment in the Signal Corps and his service as a captain navigating C-54s across the Pacific Ocean. Onan is retired from the Public Schools of Montgomery County, Maryland.
Tate Publishing March 2013

Dan Benavidez (BS-77), Longmont, wrote For all the Wrong Reasons, a memoir of a Latino man struggling to make it in a white man’s world. It is the story of Dan’s personal journey — from a child living in the back of a gypsy wagon, to service in the U.S. Army, to a businessman in war torn Nicaragua to eventually breaking the color barrier by landing a good job in a field dominated by whites. Dan serves on the board of Eco-Cycle and Longmont Housing Development Corporation and is a member of the Longmont Police Department Latino Advisory Council. He also volunteers for the Longmont Ending Domestic Violence Initiative and the Longmont Community Justice Partnership.
Homestead Press March 2013

Richard Evans (BA-83), Lafayette, is the author of Alaskan Dawn, a World War II adventure story of a young Russian teenager who comes to Alaska during the turbulent time that involved the warring nations of the United States, Soviet Union and Japan. Richard is a substitute teacher for Boulder Valley School District.
Signalman Publishing, Aug. 2013

The Necessity of Symbols was written by Thomas Watson (MA-72), Denver. It is a book of poems about family and joy, and poems contrasting the poet’s native Denver with the signal cultural meccas of Europe.
Barn Swallow Media, Nov. 2013

Spectral Gallows is the fifth book and the second of the Maxx Watts detective series written by Mark Danielson (BA-74), Weatherford, Texas. The book is about the detective’s attempts to solve a 40-year-old mystery surrounding a true hanging in Fort Worth.
Night Shadows Press LLC, Sept. 2013

Neil Williams (BS-83), New York City, wrote Bears Can Learn to Swim and So Can I for children between the ages of 3 and 7. While learning about the intelligence of black bears, youngsters will also become inspired to stand tall in the face of adversity.
PublishAmerica, June 2013

Badlands, written by Thomas Biel (MA-94), Milwaukee, Wis., is a collection of short stories set in the 1960s in a fictional town in eastern Montana. Tom began teaching English in Montana and continued in international schools in San Jose, Costa Rica and Ecuador. He currently teaches at Rufus King High School in Milwaukee.
Henschel Haus, May 2013

Karl Wyant (BS-05), Tempe, Ariz., was head editor, project lead and author of two chapters in Phosphorus, Food and Our Future, a comprehensive examination of phosphorus and its uses from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.
Oxford University Press, July 2013

Nanette Tummers (EdD-97), Manchester, Conn., is the author of her third book, Stress Management-A Wellness Approach. The textbook explores stress and stress management from a whole person perspective.
Human Kinetics, June 2013

Tom Tancredo (BA-69), Denver, co-authored Hating America: The Left’s Long History of Despising (and Slowly Destroying) Our Great Country. Tom is a former congressman, history teacher and U.S. Department of Education official.
CreateSpace Independent Publ. Platform, Aug. 2013

Daniel Vincent (MA-73) McKinney, Texas, wrote The Gospel of Internet Marketing According to Daniel, an eBook and guide for aspiring and current online marketers.
Ebook published Dec. 2013

Keiko Krahnke, associate professor at the UNC’s Monfort College of Business, co-wrote Organizing through Empathy. The book provides evidence from neuroscience and quantum physics that it is empathy that connects humanity, and that this awareness can create a more just society. Keiko has research interest in empathy, systems thinking, ethics and spirituality and is published in the Journal of Business Ethics and Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management.
Routledge, July 2013

Fritz Fischer, UNC professor of History and a former secondary school teacher who spearheaded the creation of Colorado's teaching standards for social studies, examines the anti-history threat, fueled by political ideologies, in The Memory Hole: The U.S. History Curriculum Under Siege.
Information Age Publishing, November 2013

James Erekson, UNC associate professor of Reading, writes about creating a student-centered classroom in Engaging Minds in Social Studies Classrooms: The Surprising Power of Joy, co-edited by UNC professor emeritus Michael Opitz. Erekson also provides specifics strategies to enhance the joy of teaching and learning.
ASCD, February 2014

Kenneth Womble, an accomplished actor and associate professor of Theatre at UNC, interviews 10 award-winning actors, including Tony Award winner Debra Monk, in Inside Act: How Ten Actors Made It and How You can To. Womble documents the experiences of the working actors by exploring the choices they made at critical moments in their careers and how those choices led to substantial results.
Hansen Publishing Group, March 2014

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