In Memory

In Memory



Lois E. Thayer (LC-36, BA-53)
Elvera (Soderberg) Phillips (BA-37)
Luella (Hampton) Bangeman (BA-38)


Jean (Pool Burg) Krest (LC-40)
E. Paul Sumner (BA-41, MA-47)
Vernon D. Anderson (BA-42)
Helen (Wolf Hansen) Hauser (BA-42)
Evelyane (Fox) Sauer (BA-42)
A. Frances Slinkman (MS-46)
Ted Sutter (BA-46)
Marylee (Hartman) Butler (BA-48)
Ruth (Schrepel) Lindamood (BA-48)
Grace A. Roetker (BA-48)
LeRoy “Le” Triplett (BA-48, MA-49, EdD-62)
Patricia (Arbuthnot) Towner (BA-49)
William M. Dudley (BA-49)
Robert F. Johnson (MA-49)


Lowell P. Hayes (MA-51)
John J. Richter (MA-51)
Sam H. Creswell (BA-52, MA-58)
Eldon L. Gilmore (BA-52)
Norma J. Harmon (BA-52)
Frank L. Weinmeister (BA-52, MA-60)
Barbara (Meyers) Billington (BA-53)
Carol (Vincent) Givens (BA-53)
Lawrence R. Kern (BA-53)
Harold L. Goodale (BA-55)
Neal A. Goldsmith (BA-57)
William J. McFarland (MA-57)
Randall J. Witt (MA-57)
Max E. Boyer (MA-58)
Helen (Rasmussen) Laffoon (BA-58)
Robert J. “Jack” Warren (MA-58)
Patricia (Kaspar) Coles (BA-59, MA-88)
Ernest J. Demuth (MA-59)
Harlo “Coach” Longmore (BA-59)
Robert L. McMahon (MA-59)


Jon R. Swenson (MA-60)
Eugene E. Carara (MA-61)
Wesley V. Lauterbach (EdD-61)
Marilyn (Harrison) Schlichting (BA-61)
Charlie W. Hastings (BA-62, MA-72)
Thomas Z. Stillman (BA-62)
Dorothy (Eubanks) Rhodes (BA-63)
Harold R. Wilkinson (MA-63)
Marion (McKee) Anderson (MA-64)
Louis A. Bransford (MA-64, PhD-66)
Janet (Allen) Jurgemeyer (BA-65)
Claudia (Monaco) Poage (BA-65)
Claire E. Portier (MA-65)
Gillford E. Feis (MA-66)
Robert W. Hussey (EdD-66)
William E. “Pinger” Pings (BA-66)
Tylene (Horn) Schmidt (MA-66)
Sherrilu (Hagan) Smith (BA-66)
Joy (Trook) Wood (BA-66)
Walter E. Machin Jr. (BA-67)
Eldon E. Moore (MA-68)
LeRoy G. Moore (EdD-68)
Gary T. Schank (BA-68, MA-69)
Georgine (Karakusis) Dickens (BA-69)
John D. Chase (BA-69)
Kay M. Mirich (MA-69)


Ellwyn E. Cochran (MA-70)
Ouida L. Guthrie (EdD-70)
Frances La Bue (BA-70, MA-72)
Donald O. Lomen (EdD-70)
Keith F. Ester (MA-71)
Marion (Eliason) Becker (MA-73)
Carol L. Crowe (BA-73)
Kenneth L. Hodges (BA-73, MA-74)
Norman L. Smith (MA-73)
Daniel V. Tyler (BA-73)
Shirley (Sims) Wilson (BA-73)
Stephen M. Cormey (BA-74)
Junith (Griffith) Fischer (BA-74, MA-77)
Carol L. Luark (BS-74)
Jon D. Harris (MA-77)
Lynn (Nickels) Alldrin (BA-78, MA-82)
Robert L. Stephenson (EdD-78)
Colleen J. Berg (MA-79)
Albion W. Budney, Sr. (MA-79)
Jeanne T. Higgins (MA-79)
Lynn M. Kuckelman (MA-79)


Cynthia A. Beck (MA-80)
David W. Rich (EdD-80)
Daniel S. Linegar (MS-81)
Virginia L. McLaughlin (MA-81)
William “Bill” Morris (BS-81)
William B. Rodie (MA-81)
Barbara (Bumgarner) Villiotti (BME-81)
Caroline N. Danly (BA-83)
Maureen B. Morgan (MA-83)
Alfonso F. Taylor (MA-88)
Robert W. Ziegler (MA-88)


Kirsten (Stevens) Herring (BA-90)
Nancy J. Michie (MA-91)
Victoria L. Sweet (BS-92)
Kathleen W. Potter (MA-97)
Matthew S. Neumann (BA-98, MA-01)
Adam J. Burton (BA-99)


Clint A. Miller (BS-05)


Philanthropist and community advocate Julianne (Fischer) Haefeli (MA-54) passed away in March. A staunch supporter of the university and a former president of the UNC Alumni Association, Julianne also served as chairwoman/president of many organizations, such as United Way of Weld County, the Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County and the Colorado State Board of Housing. She was affiliated and supported North Colorado Medical Center, Aims Community College, Greeley-Evans School District 6, Union Colony Civic Center, the Boys Club, A Woman’s Place and numerous other organizations. Among Julianne’s many recognitions and awards are the Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice Papal Medal from Pope Paul VI and an honorary doctorate from UNC in 1996.

Robert “Bob” Johnson (BA-51, MA-52), former Mathematics professor and assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education at UNC, passed away in March. He joined the faculty in 1960, retiring as professor emeritus in 1984. His career continued as a financial advisor with UBS Financial Services Inc. for 25 years. He was president of the UNC Foundation Board of Directors, Kiwanis Club, Weld County Chapter of the American Cancer Society, Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Colorado Schoolmasters and served on numerous community boards. He hosted the UNC Summer Symphonic Band summer concerts and founded Kream of the Krop, a local swing band.

Alice “Nita” Lewis, former chair of Early Childhood Studies at UNC, passed away in November. Nita’s career at UNC began in 1959 and she retired as emeritus faculty in 1982. Her scholarly
achievements included serving as senior author in the department of early childhood for Houghton Mifflin, where she authored 14 books.

Norman “Ted” Oppelt (MA-55), former professor and dean of students at UNC, passed away in November. During his long career at UNC, he coached football and tennis and taught classes in psychology and higher education administration. He served as UNC’s dean of men, dean of students, assistant to the president and chair of the College Student Personnel Administration graduate program. He retired as professor emeritus in 1987. Memorial gifts may be made to the Ted Oppelt Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership Award at the UNC Foundation.

Junius “Jay” W. Peake, former professor in the Monfort College of Business, passed away in January. Following a distinguished career on Wall Street, Jay taught finance at UNC for 14 years. He served as the first Monfort executive professor and retired professor emeritus in 2006. Memorial gifts may be made to the Jay and Diane Peake Business-Women-Hoops Scholarship at the UNC Foundation.

Tony M. Rossi (MA-49), former professor of Health and Physica Education at UNC, passed away in October. He implemented one of the first athletic training programs in the country. During his 34-year career at UNC, he served as athletic trainer for all college sports. He was named Coach of the Year and was inducted into both the UNC Hall of Fame and the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame. He retired as professor emeritus in 1983. Memorial gifts may be made to the Tony Rossi Kinesiology and Physical Education Scholarship at the UNC Foundation.

Daniel W. Rowley, professor of management at UNC, passed away in November. He joined the university in 1983 and served as chair of the Management department and Wells Fargo Chair at the Monfort College of Business. He was named Monfort College Scholar of the Year, UNC Scholar of the Year, and received the A.M. and Jo Winchester Distinguished Scholar Award in 2004.

Claude M. Schmitz (BA-53, MA-54), former professor and chair of the Voice department at UNC, passed away in October. Claude was the founder of the Choral-Aires, a singing group that toured in the United States and Asia in the 1950s as ambassadors for the college music program. He also founded UNC’s Opera Theatre program and served as its director for nearly 30 years. Claude was named Outstanding Faculty Member in 1958 and retired as professor emeritus in 1983. Memorial gifts may be made to the Claude and Anna Schmitz Memorial Voice Scholarship at the UNC Foundation.

Mortimer P. Stern, former professor of Journalism at UNC, passed away in September. His career began as a reporter for The Arkansas Gazette and The Denver Post, where he rose up the ladder as the youngest managing editor in the Post’s history. He served in the journalism departments at the University of Alabama, CU-Boulder and Florida International University before coming to UNC in 1985. Emeritus faculty status was granted in 1990.

Leslie Trowbridge, former professor of Science and Science Education passed away in February. Following service in World War II as a meteorologist, he began a 50-year teaching career in Wisconsin and Michigan that led him to UNC in 1962. He received UNC’s Distinguished Scholar Award in 1979 and retired as Professor Emeritus in 1990. Trowbridge authored 16 science and meteorology books that were used by more than two million students in the United States. Memorial gifts may be made in Trowbridge’s name to the UNC Foundation.




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