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Tips for using the Writing Center

Get the most out of your visit with us by reviewing these tips before your appointment.

Before Your Tutoring Session

Think About Your Goals

  • Reflect on your current writing process and at what stages you tend to need the most help.
  • Consider your current knowledge of the writing project and what you are still uncertain about.
  • Review any feedback you have received on past writing and what changes you would like to make.

Plan Ahead

  • Review your assignment deadlines and make your appointments at least one week before the due dates. Please be aware that appointments during midterm week and the last week of classes fill quickly. We encourage clients to be proactive and book in advance.
  • Create a list of specific areas you want to address with your writing.
  • Plan on a half-hour session for papers of five pages or less, and an hour for longer writing projects, depending on the areas in question.
  • Bring any assignment guidelines or samples the instructor has provided.
  • Bring any texts relevant to the writing project.

During Your Tutoring Session

Work Together With Your Tutor

  • Be prepared to make changes on your writing during your session.
  • Be prepared to take notes on what you discuss with the tutor.
  • Ask questions if you don't understand a tutor's comments.
  • Understand that there may not be time to get through an entire paper.
  • Understand that more than one appointment may be necessary to see improvement in your writing.
  • If you need proof of your visit, ask the tutor for an instructor slip before you leave--proof of visits can only be given by the tutor with whom you met.

After Your Tutoring Session

Allow Time For Revision

  • Allow time between periods of writing to think about the writing and the feedback you have received.
  • Revise the larger issues first--content, thesis, organization, and then the sentence-level issues.
  • Review your assignment guidelines again.

Don't hesitate to call the Writing Center for further help at (970) 351-2056.