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Below is a list of upcoming Writing Center workshops. All workshops will be held from 5-6 p.m. in Ross 1090.

Building Introductions and Conclusions

Monday, September 17 

Let’s start at the very beginning… just after the title… right before you get to the body. Crafting introductions-- and conclusions-- can be a daunting task. It is vital to provide a great first impression and a strong final impression in any paper (just think about someone who meets your hand with a weak handshake…ew). In this workshop, we will work to demystify the art of writing effective introductions and conclusions.  We will also work with samples of each to identify and apply the strategies discussed.

Expanding Topics and Developing Ideas

Monday, October 1

Are you feeling overwhelmed with developing meaningful ideas in your writing? Believe it or not, you probably have enough information, research, and knowledge to fill every page that is required; and we want to help you get all of it on paper before the assignment is due. In this workshop, we will explore the essay-writing process to inspire you to develop your writing. We will discuss the components of your essay from creating a working thesis to an enticing introduction to a meaningful conclusion. We will also focus on organizational strategies that can help you to more fully flesh out what you want/need to say without the fluff and filler that so many writers fall back on.  Bring your assignment guidelines as well as your questions, and be ready to write a truly complete essay.

Academic Voice and Style

Monday, October 15

Writing academic prose can often feel like you’re trying to communicate in an entirely new language—one full of “no”s:  “No colloquial diction,” “no slang,” “no contractions,” “no ‘I’.”  We will help you make sense of some of these seemingly pointless rules and also help you understand your role in your “discourse community” (don’t worry, we can explain that too).  We will also provide exercises in clarity and effectiveness in academic writing that we hope will help you find the happy balance between “unprofessional” and “aloof.”

Avoiding Plagiarism

Monday, October 29

This workshop focuses on the ways in which writers give credit where it is due, thereby avoiding the heinous act of PLAGIARISM! Our goal is not simply to provide ethical research strategies for those who feel the pressure to 'cheat'-- we also wish to provide instruction for those who may not know that what they are doing constitutes plagiarism.  We will work with a number samples in order to illustrate the many forms that plagiarism takes and discuss strategies for making the proper adjustments to potentially unethical research.  Our hope is that every student will leave with an understanding of the ins and outs of academic dishonesty as well as a renewed pride in their own, unique, written contributions.

APA Crash Course

Monday, November 5

Life would be so much simpler if we could just give credit in whichever way we see fit; but this is college, and we have standards.  In this workshop, we will cover the basics of writing papers in APA. This will include both the technical formatting rules for the APA paper as well as information on how to properly cite your sources. We will focus much of this workshop on applying discussed rules to your own papers.  So bring your essay, bring your list of sources, and bring a friend.  If your professors require APA for their research papers, and you are not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.


Monday, November 12

It is important to polish your silverware before you set it out for guests.  Likewise, it is important to apply that same high-gloss sheen to your essays. In this proofreading, revising, and editing workshop, we’ll take a look at strategies to help you finalize that paper before turning it in. We’ll discuss the most effective ways to proofread a paper, and we’ll practice this process together. Students should expect to leave this workshop with a better understanding of proofreading strategies. Furthermore, students will learn how to effectively incorporate these strategies into their own papers. So if you’re one step away from turning in that final paper, then this workshop is for you. We’ll give you the tools to make sure it’s proofread, edited, revised, and ready to go.

Questions? Contact the Writing Center at 970-351-2056 or email the director.