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Online Tutoring

If a client cannot make a face-to-face appointment with a tutor, an online, asynchronous tutoring option is available. Clients make an appointment as usual and attach their writing to the appointment where indicated. The tutor then uses the client's appointment time to respond to the writer’s concerns using Microsoft Word's "comment" feature and re-attaches the writing. The client is then notified by email when the writing has been reviewed.

Online Tutoring Process

  1. All e-tutoring appointments must be one hour in length; half-hour e-tutoring appointments are not available.
  2. Schedule an appointment with any of the tutors who have the word “e-tutor” after their names. These tutors are the only tutors who offer online tutoring. Please indicate that this is an e-tutoring appointment.
  3. When you make the appointment, please indicate what specific issues you would like to address in your writing. Highlighting the relevant sections of text is helpful. Please note: E-tutoring is not a "drop-off" service. Any writing submitted that is not accompanied by a specific description of the writer's concerns with the work will not be reviewed.
  4. Email no more than ten pages of writing per appointment. The work should be uploaded as an attachment in Microsoft Word doc, pdf, or rtf formats at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled appointment time. Please attach assignment guidelines, if relevant.
  5. The tutor will use the appointment time to respond to the specific issues in question and re-attach the writing to the appointment slot. Clients will receive an email through their Bear email accounts when the work has been reviewed.

Online Tutoring Reminders

  • You are allowed to schedule up to two hours per week.
  • Do not send more than ten (10) pages of text per one hour appointment.
  • Turnaround time is 24 hours from the time the appointment is made and does not include weekends. For example, if you schedule an appointment for 2:00pm on Friday, it's possible your paper won't be returned until 2:00pm on Monday. Plan accordingly. 
  • All Writing Center policies apply to the e-tutoring appointment.

Questions? Contact the Writing Center during business hours at 970-351-2056.