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Client Rights and Responsibilities

Writing Center clients have the right to:

  • Receive respectful, confidential help with their writing
  • Request a particular tutor, if he or she is available.
  • Receive two hours of tutoring per week, in one hour or half-hour increments (no sessions longer than 60 minutes with one tutor)
  • Book appointments up to three weeks in advance
  • Request proof of their visit to provide to their instructors

Writing Center clients have the responsibility to:

  • Notify the Writing Center if they are unable to make an appointment
  • Understand that THREE “no-shows” prohibits a person from using the Writing Center for the current semester
  • Understand that two cancelled appointments equals one “no-show"
  • Bring any assignment guidelines and be prepared to work on their writing
  • Understand that the Writing Center serves to help clients improve their writing, not to edit work or guarantee a better grade on an assignment
  • Be on time to their appointments. More than ten minutes late to a half hour appointment or twenty minutes late to an hour appointment will result in a “no-show."

Academic Integrity

All members of the UNC community are expected to adhere to the University’s policies on academic integrity. Please visit the Dean of Students web page on Academic Integrity for more information.

In addition to the resources available through the Dean of Students’ office, the Writing Center is developing new PowerPoint presentations that explain the ethical use of source material when writing (forthcoming).